Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Advisory Committee for Laboratory and Infrastructure (AC-L&I)

IBED aims to ensure the availability of top-quality research facilities which support all research lines within the institute. As costs associated with facilities can be high, it is important to ensure an efficient use of the facilities, which requires a close cooperation between technicians and scientists.
The AC-L&I advises the institute manager regarding L&I related issues, such as developments in (new) equipment and L&I expertise in connection to research and teaching. The institute manager joins the meetings of AC-L&I by invitation.

Committee members

  • dr. J.M. (Merijn) Schuurmans

    T: 0205257072

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  • dr. ir. J.M. (Jasper) de Goeij

    Co-chair - FAME representative
    T: 0205258290

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  • dr. rer. nat. W.D. (Daniel) Kissling

    Associate Professor of Quantitative Biodiversity

    TCE representative
    T: 0205258423

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  • dr. A. (Albert) Tietema

    Associate Professor

    ELD representative
    T: 0205257458

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  • prof. dr. W.P. (Pim) de Voogt

    FAME representative
    T: 0205256565

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  • Mr R. (Rick) Helmus MSc

    Laboratory Technician

    Laboratory and infrastructure member
    T: 0205256554

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  • Ms T. (Tanya) Noorlander

    Laboratory and infrastructure member
    T: 0205256635

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  • Mr P. (Peter) Kuperus

    Laboratory and infrastructure member
    T: 0205258422
    T: 0205258357

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  • ing. S.A.M. (Bas) van Beusekom MSc

    Laboratory and infrastructure member
    T: 0205258691

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Published by  IBED

27 November 2017