Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Management Structure of IBED

IBED is led by a Director, a role currently fulfilled by Prof. Peter de Ruiter.

The Director is given a wide-ranging mandate by the Dean of the Faculty of Science to run the Institute. The director is responsible for the scientific programme and its quality, the contributions to the faculty's educational programme, and for human and financial resource management. As such the mandate includes the development of the scientific programme and profile of the Institute, the hiring of new personnel, the financial planning and control, and the decisions concerning investments in facilities and instrumentation.

  • prof. dr. P.C. (Peter) de Ruiter

    Director of IBED
    T: 0205255684

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Financial and personnel management

The actual day-to-day financial and personnel management is delegated to the Business Manager of the Institute, Monique van Wordragen, and her Management Office. She is responsible for the daily administrative processes, financial and personnel, and the shared facilities of the Institute. Together with the Director she oversees the yearly budget development of the Institute and works out the allocation of resources to the different research groups, facilities and labs. The Business Manager also controls the income and expenditure of the Institute and makes assessments of the actual spending of research projects given the financial conditions set by the Institute and/or granting bodies.

  • dr. M.F. (Monique) van Wordragen

    Business Manager

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Other management staff

In addition to the Director and the Business Manager, the IBED Management Team consists of the advisor for educational issues (Prof. André M. de Roos), and is supported by a Management Assistant of the IBED Office in the person of Mrs. Saskia Heijboer.

The Director is further supported by a Science Officer/PhD-coordinator, Dr Amber Heijboer, who is responsible for internal and external PR of the research of the Institute, and plays a supporting role in IBED's policy development.

The laboratory facilities of IBED are managed by a dedicated labmanager; Dr Chiara Cerli, who oversees all day-to-day operations of our laboratory activities.

In matters concerning research priorities, mid-term policies and project applications that require substantial matching from the institute, the director is advised by the internal Scientific Advisory Committee (WAC). The WAC comprises two representatives of each of the three IBED research Themes as well as a secretary. The director asks for the WAC's opinion on important developments concerning IBED research, but the WAC can also take the initiative to advise the director on any topic it considers important.

  • prof. dr. A.M. (AndrĂ©) de Roos

    Professor of Theoretical Ecology

    Educational Advisor
    T: 0205257747

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  • dr. J.Z. (Judy) Shamoun- Baranes

    Associate Professor
    T: 0205257436

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  • Ms A. (Amber) Heijboer MSc

    Science Officer and PhD coordinator

    Science Officer
    T: 0205257451

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  • Ms S.F.J. (Saskia) Heijboer

    Management Assistant
    T: 0205257954

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