Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

PhD and PostDoc council

Since 2014, the IBED PhD & Postdoc Council has been working in developing a sense of community and integration within the institute. To achieve this, we facilitate an open, social environment for PhD/PD to get to know each other and discuss science-(un)related matters. In addition, we provide a link between the management team and the PhD/PD community, and aim to facilitate communication and streamline potential issues. The council also provides advice to the management team regarding topics such as teaching responsibilities, PhD courses and career developing. 

Monthly meetings 

We organise a casual event (borrel) for all IBED PhD candidates and postdocs within the first week of each month. The event is comprised by an open talk (~30 min) by a PhD candidate or postdoc from IBED, followed by a more general topic that could be of interest to all (e.g. PhD graduation rules, science outreach, carreer perspectives, etc). This time can also be used to bring forth issues or special remarks that the community would like to communicate to the management. 

Community building 

We maintain regular communication with the management. Together, we provide an integral approach for welcoming new members to the institute. We organise social events twice a year, open for all the institute. We also represent the PhD/PD when providing advice to the management team in matters such as assessments of staff members, tenure tracks, or hiring processes. The council also represents the interests of the community during the open institute-wide meetings (IBED CafĂ©), where staff members and management get together. 

Contact information

Please contact us by sending an email to: 

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21 August 2018