Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Scientific Advisory Committee

The MB is advised by the internal Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC consists of a representation of staff members from all four research departments. The Management Board seeks the SAC’s opinion on important developments concerning IBED research, but the SAC itself can also take the initiative to advise the Management Board on any topic that the SAC feels important.

Committee members

  • dr. I.M. (Isabel) Smallegange

    Associate Professor

    EPB - Chair
    T: 0205255483

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  • dr. C.N.H. (Crystal) McMichael

    Assistant Professor

    T: 0205257316

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  • prof. dr. A.M. (André) de Roos

    Professor of Theoretical Ecology

    T: 0205257747

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  • dr. J.M.H. (Jolanda) Verspagen

    Assistant Professor of Aquatic Microbial Ecology

    T: 0205256027

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  • dr. A. (Amber) Heijboer

    Science Officer and PhD coordinator

    T: 0205257451

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Published by  IBED

7 January 2019