Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Key publications

A total of 69 top publications (on a grand total of 976) were published by IBED staff in the Faculty of Science’s top journals over the period of 2007-2012. The list below outlines the most recent top publications related to the cluster Global Ecology.

Short list of publications

  1. H.W. Paerl & J. Huisman, 2008. Blooms like it hot. Science 320: 57-58.
  2. M.J.A. Vermeij, I. van Moorselaar, S. Engelhard, C. Hörnlein, S.M. Vonk & P.M. Visser, 2010. The effects of nutrient enrichment and herbivore abundance on the ability of turf algae to overgrow coral in the Caribbean. PLoS ONE 5(12): e14312.
  3. M. Stomp, J. Huisman, G.G. Mittelbach, E. Litchman & C.A. Klausmeier, 2011. Large-scale biodiversity patterns in freshwater phytoplankton. Ecology 92: 2096-2107.
  4. A.M. de Roos & L. Persson. 2013. Population and community ecology of ontogenetic development, Monographs in Population Biology 51, Princeton University Press, Princeton.
  5. L. Persson & A. M. de Roos, 2013. Symmetry breaking in ecological systems through different energy efficiencies of juveniles and adults. Ecology 94 (7): 1472-1478.
  6. M.C. Boerlijst, T. Oudman & A.M. de Roos, 2013. Catastrophic collapse can occur without early warning: examples of silent catastrophes in structured ecological models. PLoS ONE 8 (4): e62033. 
  7. C. Hoorn, F.P. Wesselingh, H. terSteege, M.A. Bermudez, A. Mora, J. Sevink, I. Sanmartín, A. Sanchez-Meseguer, C.L. Anderson, J.P. Figueiredo, C. Jaramillo, D. Riff , F.R. Negri, H. Hooghiemstra, J. Lundberg, T. Stadler, T. Sarkinen & A. Antonelli. 2010. Amazonia through time: Andean uplift, climate change, landscape evolution and biodiversity. Science 330: 927-31.
  8. J. Shamoun-Baranes, R. Bom, E.E. van Loon, B. Ens, K. Oosterbeek & W. Bouten, 2012. From sensor data to animal behaviour: an oystercatcher example. PLoS ONE 7(5): e37997.
  9. C. Eschauzier, J. Haftka, P.J. Stuyfzand & W.P. de Voogt, 2010. Perfluorinated Compounds in Infiltrated River Rhine Water and Infiltrated Rainwater in Coastal Dunes. Environmental Science & Technology, 44 (19), 7450–7455
  10. Kalbitz, K., Kaiser, K., Fiedler, S., Kölbl, A., Amelung, W., Bräuer, T., Cao, Z., Don, A., Grootes, P., Jahn, R., Schwark, L., Vogelsang, V., Wissing, L., Kögel-Knabner, I., 2013. The carbon count of 2000 years of rice cultivation. Global Change Biology, 19, 1107-1113.
  11. Barnagaud, J.-Y., Kissling, W.D., Sandel, B., Eiserhardt, W.L., Sekercioglu, C.H., Enquist, B.J., Tsirogiannis, C. & Svenning, J.-C. Ecological traits influence the phylogenetic structure of bird species co-occurrences worldwide, 2014. Ecology Letters, 17, 811–820, doi:10.1111/ele.12285
  12. Couvreur, T.L.P., Kissling, W.D., Condamine, F.L., Svenning, J.-C., Rowe, N.P. & Baker, W.J., 2015. Global diversification of a tropical plant growth form: environmental correlates and historical contingencies in climbing palms. Frontiers in Genetics, 5, 452.

Published by  IBED

22 January 2015