Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Marsh Gentian Species of the Month

5 July 2007

The Dutch organization VOFF (Society for Research of Flora and Fauna) declared the Marsh Gentian as ‘Species of the Month July 2007’. In an interview of VARA Vroege Vogels on Dutch national radio, IBED researcher Dr. Gerard Oostermeijer explained why.

The Marsh Gentian used to be an abundant species of amongst others the Dutch heath lands, but its numbers have dramatically declined over the last few decades. As a result it is now part of the Endangered Species Project of FLORON; a Foundation of VOFF aimed at registering the occurrence of species within The Netherlands. By declaring the Marsh Gentian as Species of the Month, FLORON hopes to stimulate the public to register their observations of this species to get a more complete picture of its present-day occurrence. One of the ways in which IBED cooperates with VOFF is through EcoGrid, a database project designed for regulating the storage, retrieval and research of data related to the occurrence of species.

In the interview of VARA Vroege Vogels, Dr. Gerard Oostermeijer explains about the Marsh Gentian and its declaration as Species of the Month, together with Dr. Sheila Luijten of FLORON. The interview was aired on Sunday 8 July 2007. An MP3 and podcast version can be downloaded through the official website of VARA Vroege Vogels via the link below.

Published by  IBED