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Now hiring: five scientists with a passion for studying biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics

12 July 2012

To further strengthen its research, the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics is currently seeking five scientists at assistant, associate or full professor level who share its passion for the study of biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics, and can convey their enthusiasm to a broad range of students


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The Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) is one of eight research institutes of the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam. IBED’s mission is to increase our understanding of the diversity and dynamics of ecosystems from the level of genes to entire ecosystems.

Key to IBED’s success is the group of top scientists that collaborate with (international) colleagues on many important questions in the field. They  benefit from the range of expertise present in the institute and the truly excellent facilities at Science Park Amsterdam.

To further strengthen IBED’s research we are currently seeking five scientists that share our passion for the study of biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics, and can convey their enthusiasm to a broad range of students.

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Aquatic Ecology (associate or full professor)

An aquatic ecologist (fresh water and/or marine) who studies the dynamics and functioning of benthic/pelagic communities using experiments and field studies.

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Evolutionary Biology (associate or full professor)

An evolutionary biologist who studies how organisms interact with each other and their environment, and how they evolve due to selection at different levels of biological organization.

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Paleo-ecology and Macro-ecology (associate or full professor)

An ecologist/earth scientist working on the dynamics of biomes in space and recent times (late Pleistocene, Holocene), using modern methods to acquire and analyze data.

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Geodiversity (assistant or associate professor)

An earth scientist with a thorough understanding of processes at the earth’s surface, the interactions with the living world, and who can link local processes to global impacts.

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Plant evolution and diversity (assistant or associate professor)

An evolutionary ecologist with a broad knowledge in botany, who studies processes that generate and erode plant diversity, as well as the origins of new traits and functions.

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Positions and flexibility

With these position IBED intends to strengthen its position as an interdisciplinary institute, with the flexibility to address a range of questions on the interactions between processes in the abiotic environment and in the living world. The descriptions of the positions are such that they represent important fields of expertise for IBED. Furthermore, the description of the positions all state a preference for filling the vacancy at a certain level, ranging from assistant professor on a tenure track, to full professor with tenure. This means that applicants are first screened with this preference in mind. 

However, it should be noted that these principles are not carved in stone. It is feasible that some positions will be filled at another level than initially anticipated, depending on the applications received.  We therefore encourage ambitious candidates with an excellent track record - given the stage in their career-  to react.

This even holds for fields not specifically mentioned in the vacancies: outstanding candidates who can present a compelling argument that he/she would fit particularly well in IBED, given its mission, can also send in their application, with the motivation.

Career support and gender

IBED offers candidates an inspiring scientific setting and continuous support in the development of their career. IBED recognizes that a successful career move also depends on the working and living environment, and special attention is given to a smooth transition for the candidate given her/his family situation.

Like many of its sister institutes, IBED aims to raise the presence of woman at the highest levels. Therefore, the Faculty of Science has started a special program, the McGillavry fellowships, to attract  more female talent.  Although the current hiring is not part of this program, it is the aim of IBED to do its utmost to hire new ambitious female faculty members, as it sees the skewed sex ratio as a weakness that should be dealt with.

More information

If you have any questions, either general or specific about any one of the five positions offered, please send an e-mail to:

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