Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Explore and download spatial data with the new ‘UvA Geoportal’

7 November 2013

A new web-based ‘UvA Geoportal’ allows educational and academic users to explore and exchange spatial datasets. The web portal is an initiative of the GIS-studio at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) and the GIS Centre of the Geography, Planning and International Development Studies Department, both from the University of Amsterdam.

The UvA Geoportal is a new university-wide web portal that offers staff members and students the opportunity to find and download spatial data such as satellite images, aerial photographs and other forms of thematic data layers. Researchers can also share their results with the community using the Geoportal, which is designed to stimulate the use of spatial data in research and education across all UvA faculties (and in the future those of the VU University). Data is available directly within the UvA domain, while external users can browse the data and contact IBED’s GIS-studio for its use.

Spatial data is any form of data that has a geographical meaning (i.e. a place on a map) and it can be managed and explored using geographic information systems (GIS). The GIS-studio of IBED utilizes these types of datasets to cater to a wide variety of geological, biological, forensic and demographic topics. Geodata is frequently used by researchers at IBED as a tool to explore complex spatial relations for example in Andean ecosystems, geodiversity and the geomorphological development of high-alpine mountain areas. 

The development of the UvA Geoportal was funded by the High Performance Computing and Networking Committee of the Faculty of Science. It aims to make a positive contribution to the UvA’s e-Science infrastructure and to make that infrastructure available to as many academic staff and students as possible. 


Published by  IBED