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A newly published e-book ‘Avances en investigación para la conservación de los páramos andinos’ by CONDESAN bundles recent studies on the Páramo en Jalca ecosystems in Peru and Equador. These studies were executed within the scope of the ‘Proyecto Páramo Andino ‘(PPA) and cover a range of topics in the fields of natural and social sciences. The book was co-edited by prof. Jan Sevink with contributions of several scientists and students of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED).

From soils to summits

The book is a culmination of several years of research in the high-alpine Andes of South America and aims to provide insights into the conservation of the high-alpine Jalca and Páramo ecosystems. These ecosystems are increasingly vulnerable to global climate changes, while fulfilling an important societal function at the same time. Chapters with contributions from IBED scientists and master students cover topics such as endangered species, water quality, long-term land use change, carbon dynamics in soils, and reconstruction of upper tree lines.

The IBED dimension

The Proyecto Páramo Andino has a long history with a strong involvement of the University of Amsterdam (headed by prof. Jan Sevink and Robert Hofstede), which started in the 90’s with research projects that targeted the effects of pine afforestation on the Páramo ecosystem and the use of local soils as a sink for carbon sequestration (relevant for ‘carbon credits’ used to compensate CO2 emissions in western countries). Following on these earlier successful programmes with local institutes such as Ecociencia (Quito, Equador) and the Tropical Mountain Institute (Lima, Peru), a new research programme ‘Proyecto Páramo Andino (PPA)’ was set-up and executed from 2006-2012. This project allowed various IBED staff members and master students in Earth Sciences and Biology to join local studies (many through travel grants). The results from the various IBED-participations in earth scientific topics, set-up and organized by Sevink over the past decade, now culminated in this omprehensive book.

Publication details:

Cuesta, F., Sevink, J., Llambí, L.D., De Bièvre, B., Posner, J. (eds.) 2014. Avances en investigación para la conservación de los páramos andinos, CONDESAN, 601 pages (in Spanish)

Free download

The book can be downloaded free of charge in PDF-format from the PPA website or below. The Spanish book includes English summaries of each chapter.

Download the book (9 Mb)

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