Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Micropia: a museum dedicated to the smallest life forms

8 December 2014

The smallest forms of life on Earth are now exhibited in a brand new museum called ‘Micropia’. IBED scientists contributed to the realization of this unique museum, which is affiliated to the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.

Exhibiting microorganisms

The museum opened its doors to the public early October by HM Queen Máxima on 30 September. The exhibition includes various cultures of fungi, bacteria, algae and waterbears (tardigrades) and offers a unique insight in the fascinating world of microorganisms and micro-animals. Hands-on set-ups allow visitors to explore various cultures using state of the art microscopes. Due to their live cycles many of the microorganisms are ‘home grown’ inside a purpose-build laboratory. The unique museum is the first of its kind in the world and has already received many visitors in the first 2 months after its opening.

IBED contribution

Several of IBED’s scientists contributed their expertise for realizing the exhibition, and include Prof. Jef Huisman, Dr Petra Visser and Jan van Arkel.

Micropia is open seven days a week and it situated on the new ‘Artisplein’ adjacent to the Artis Zoo.

Published by  IBED