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The Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, Amsterdam Green Campus and the municipality of Amsterdam signed a collaboration agreement. The agreement confirms the shared intention to develop new knowledge and share existing knowledge for a greener and more sustainable development of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Collaboration agreement IBED, AGC, municipality of Amsterdam
Marloes Michels (gemeente Amsterdam) signs the collaboration agreement. Photo: Jan van Arkel

Both the department of Planning and Sustainability of the municipality Amsterdam, as well as IBED felt for quite some time the need for a better structured collaboration in the field of education and research. Besides that both IBED and the municipality of Amsterdam participate in Amsterdam Green Campus, creating a network of governments, companies and education and research institutes. This eventually resulted in the composition of a collaboration agreement.

Collaboration agreement IBED, AGC, municipality of Amsterdam 4
Peter de Ruiter discusses with the adience about the theme: "Does biodiversity profit from the growth of Amsterdam?" Photo: Jan van Arkel

Does biodiversity profit from the growth of Amsterdam?

The agreement was officially signed at Amsterdam Science Park during the symposium: “Does biodiversity profit from the growth of Amsterdam?”. Scientists, policy officers, students and urban planners came together to discuss the growth of the city Amsterdam and the possible effects on biodiversity. Speakers during the symposium were Prof. Zef Hemel and Prof. Peter de Ruiter (scientific director IBED). Zef Hemel argued for a compaction of the city of Amsterdam, with the model of Tokio as an example. On the other hand, Peter de Ruiter highlighted the importance of bringing human and nature together in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in a so called “alliance”.  

Collaboration agreement IBED, AGC, municipality of Amsterdam 3
Speaker Zef Hemel and moderator Remco Daalder. Photo: Jan van Arkel

These divergent views caused the multidisciplinary audience to have interesting discussions about the future vision for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Thereby the speakers and audience also spoke about concretizing the collaboration between the municipality of Amsterdam, IBED and Amsterdam Green Campus. Mentioned possibilities for collaboration that were mentioned are: Exchange of expertise, participation in education, research internships and joined action in National and European programmes in the area of ecology , biodiversity and sustainability.