Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Conservation Biology Knowledge Centre

We strive to become a visible knowledge centre that provides scientific advice and recommendations for conservation management, and that carries out science-based conservation projects in practice, both for stakeholders such as NGOs and for governmental organizations.

Currently, there is no academic knowledge centre in The Netherlands specialized in population biology, population genetics and reproductive biology – all essential components of population viability analyses (PVA). Application of these disciplines to the control of non-native species is also rare. The department comprises all expertise that is required to understand the role of genetic diversity in conservation of endangered species, through both fundamental and applied research. A model knowledge centre already exists in the Foundation Science4Nature, which operates independently, but has a base within the department, using IBED lab and greenhouse facilities. Over the past 5 years, Science4Nature has built a track record in applied species recovery and genetic rescue projects, and an extensive network in conservation practice. A new target for this centre will be wildlife forensics that will be led by our endowed professor of Forensic Biology from the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI).

Staff members

  • dr. J.G.B. (Gerard) Oostermeijer

    Assistant Professor
    T: 0205257817
    T: 0205257844

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  • dr. P.G. (Patrick) Meirmans

    Assistant Professor
    T: 0205258424

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  • Prof. S.A. (Serge) Wich

    Special Chair of Conservation of the Great Apes

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  • dr. J.A.J. (Hans) Breeuwer

    Associate Professor
    T: 0205257745

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  • dr. P. (Peter) Roessingh

    Assistant Professor
    T: 0205257732

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  • prof. dr. T. (Teun) Boekhout

    Special Chair of Fungal Functional Diversity

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Published by  IBED

21 June 2017