Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics


Our research is strongly anchored in the Biology bachelor and master programs, both in theory and experimentation. We allow students to tackle main scientific questions in ecology and evolution in an interdisciplinary context. At the Bachelor’s level, our department is mostly involved in the BSc Biology, but also in Psychobiology, Medical Biology, Beta-Gamma and Future Planet Studies. At the Master’s level, we mainly teach in Ecology & Evolution, but also in Green Life Sciences and Brain & Cognition. In other study programs, we teach on the evolutionary approach, combining ecology and genetics, to tackle problems in the fields of medical biology, psychobiology and earth sciences. Finally, we have a societal engagement through lectures for students and a general audience (e.g. NEMO, high schools, evening schools, zoos and universities), the publication of books for a general audience, and we appear in national and local newspapers, radio and TV stations.

Published by  IBED

22 May 2017