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Behavioural plasticity as adaptation to the environment

Interactions between individuals and their environment take place on many levels such as perception, communication and decision-making. Knowledge on the variety of cognitive abilities used by individuals to feed or mate is essential to comprehend the adaptive value of behavioural plasticity.

Behavioural plasticity complicates the predictability of the evolutionary fate of the traits in question. The more traditional view of the interaction between plasticity and evolution is that plasticity might retard the genetic fixation of a trait, as it buffers the action of negative selection on the fixed aspect of the trait. Plasticity might also promote the evolution of a trait, however, when it changes the fixed aspect of the trait adaptively. This is the perspective taken here.

Staff member

  • Prof. S.A. (Serge) Wich

    Special Chair Conservation of the Great Apes |

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  • dr. ir. M. (Michiel) van Wijk

    Researcher | T: 0205258295

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  • dr. C.J.M. (Martijn) Egas

    Assistant Professor | T: 0205257748

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  • dr. A.R.M. (Arne) Janssen

    Associate Professor | T: 0205257751

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  • dr. I.M. (Isabel) Smallegange

    Assistant Professor | T: 0205255483

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  • dr. A.T. (Astrid) Groot

    Associate Professor | T: 0205255400

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Published by  IBED

20 June 2017