Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Population Dynamics

The research theme Population Dyanmics within the department of Evolutionary and Population Biology focuses on two subthemes: (i) population biology of trophic interactions in species communities and (ii) eco-evolutionary dynamics.

Population biology has long focused on relatively simple pair-wise interactions between species, such as competition and predation, and the effects of these interactions on population dynamics and stability. For a better understanding of the functioning of communities, it is essential to go beyond such simple pair-wise interactions by studying motifs of interactions between three or more species, such as intraguild predation, apparent competition, and keystone predation. In the second subtheme, we go beyond the classic view that evolutionary and ecological processes occur on separate, slow and fast time scales respectively. New findings show that evolutionary change can occur rapidly and thus interact with ecological dynamics. This means that ecological and evolutionary processes can no longer be treated separately and that revision of our fundamental understanding of both ecological and evolutionary dynamics is required.

Staff members

  • dr. C.J.M. (Martijn) Egas

    Assistant Professor | T: 0205257748

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  • dr. I.M. (Isabel) Smallegange

    Assistant Professor | T: 0205255483

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  • dr. J.G.B. (Gerard) Oostermeijer

    Assistant Professor | T: 0205257817

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Published by  IBED

20 June 2017