December 2017

2nd AcroporaNet Symposium (1-12-2017 in Amsterdam)

The symposium will cover all aspects of marine science and management. Experimental and observational studies of demography, behavior, and physiology provide the raw material for scientists, managers, and the public to advance their understanding of coral reef ecosystems. For more information & registration

October 2017

Coralreef with molecules

Molecular diversity of coral reefs illuminated

An international research team, including UvA-biologist Mark Vermeij, made two important advances in the understanding of the molecular diversity as found on coral reefs, as well as the use of this knowledge in the development of medication. The study was published in PNAS this week. Read more

Lake Vechten

Microbes dictate regime shifts causing anoxia in lakes and seas

Gradual environmental changes due to eutrophication and global warming can cause a rapid depletion of oxygen levels in lakes and coastal waters. A new study led by Jef Huisman and Gerard Muyzer shows that microorganisms play a key role in these disastrous regime shifts. The researchers’ findings were published in the journal Nature Communications on 6 October. Read more

September 2017

Cyanobacterial Bloom Lake Taihu

Cyanobacteria beat green algae at elevated CO2

It is often argued that cyanobacteria are superior competitors at low CO2 levels owing to their effective carbon-concentrating mechanism, but tend to be displaced by eukaryotic phytoplankton species at elevated CO2. However, a new study by Xing Ji and colleagues shatters this classic paradigm. Read more

SponGES team embarks on two research cruises in the Arctic

A team of researchers part of the European project SponGES is in the middle of a busy summer performing experiments on two research cruises and in lab facilities in Bergen (Norway). PhD student Martijn Bart, Post-Doc Benjamin Mueller and MSc students Titus Rombouts and Clea van de Ven (all from UvA-IBED) report from the field. Read more

August 2017

Maayke Stomp

In Memoriam Maayke Stomp

(1976 - 2017)

For several years, Maayke Stomp fought a battle that ultimately she could not win. Maayke was a talented scientist, dedicated lecturer and beloved colleague, who initiated ground-breaking research on the effects of light colour on the biodiversity of phytoplankton. Read more

July 17

Festive opening Research Vessel R.V. Dreissena

Friday 14 July was the festive opening of the research vessel R.V. Dreissena. The ship will be used by the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED-UvA) to carry out research on Lake Markermeer. The well-attended ceremony was led by Prof. dr. Jef Huisman (head of the research department Freshwater & Marine Ecology) who highlighted the importance of Markermeer research in his speech.  More information

June 17

Lucas Stal

Retiring Prof. Lucas Stal: ‘Water science more important than ever’

For ten years Lucas Stal has been a special professor in the field of Marine Microbiology at the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED). This year he will retire and in his honour there is a symposium on marine microorganisms and their contribution to global biogeochemical cycles. During this symposium Prof. Stal will give his farewell address as professor (valedictory speech) . More information 

May 2017

Ji Xing

Chinese Government Award for PhD Candidate Xing Ji

Xing Ji, PhD candidate at the Research Department Freshwater and Marine Ecology of the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED), has received the 2016 Chinese Government Award for outstanding self-financed students abroad. More information

Fame department

We are happy to announce the inauguration of our new department, called ‘Freshwater and Marine Ecology’ (FAME). Our department is achieved by merging and regrouping the two former research groups Aquatic Microbiology (AMB) and Aquatic Environmental Ecology (AEE). The two groups had research themes that in part overlapped.

April 2017

Article Pim de Voogt among ES&T’s Best Papers 2016

The paper entitled "Mind the Gap: Persistent and Mobile Organic Compounds—Water Contaminants That Slip Through" was selected as one of the Best Papers of 2016 of the prestigious journal "Environmental Science & Technology". Read more

2017-NKWK Climate and Water Conference-Petra-Visser

Amsterdam Water Science showcased at NKWK Climate and Water Conference

Over 400 participants attended the NKWK Water and Climate conference that was held at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on 11 April. The conference was co-organised by Amsterdam Water Science and themed ‘New knowledge and opportunities’. Read more

Construction of Markermeer research vessel begins

After a successful fundraising campaign among donors to the Amsterdam University Fund last year, construction of a ship for ecological research in the waters of Markermeer began in late March. Read more

Published by  IBED

18 October 2017