Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Microbial Ecology

The research theme Microbial Ecology focuses on interactions between microorganisms, between microorganisms and macro-organisms, and with their environment. It will focus on curiosity-driven as well as society-driven research. Key questions are:

  • What is the influence of climate change on the structure and function of microbial communities in freshwater and marine habitats?
  • What is the role of microorganisms living together with macro-organisms, such as sponges, corals and seagrasses?
  • How can we use microbial diversity to mitigate pollution and keep aquatic habitats healthy?

Main fields of application include microbial removal of toxic compounds from aquatic habitats (e.g., heavy metals, pharmaceutical compounds, arsenic) and remediation of polluted environments (e.g. oil spills).

Staff members

  • prof. dr. C.P.D. (Corina) Brussaard | T: 0205256021

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Published by  IBED

1 May 2017