Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Research Projects

In the Department of TCE, we are leading and coordinating a number of national and international research projects. Over the last six years, we have raised over 1 Million Euro external money per year. This includes two ERC grants, several NWO projects, H2020 projects and a diversity of other (inter-)national projects.

Ongoing projects 

  • Uva-BiTS (GPS bird tracking system with supporting e-science infrastructure)
  • FlySafe-BAM (FlySafe Bird Avoidance Model)
  • ENRAM (European network for the radar surveillance of animal movement)
  • GLOBIS-B (global infrastructures for supporting biodiversity research)
  • eEcoLiDAR (eScience infrastructure for ecological applications of LiDAR point clouds)
  • Palm diversification (influence of frugivory on macroecology and diversification of palms)
  • INDSTOCH (individual stochasticity and population heterogeneity in plant and animal demography)
  • Lifetime reproduction (ecological and evolutionary analysis of lifetime reproductive output: theory and applications)
  • BAS (Bird Avoidance System)
  • Birds and offshore wind parks (bird migration predictions and gull space use around offshore wind parks)
  • Predicting muskrat movement and population development in support of the control organisation
  • ECOEVODEVO (eco-evolutionary dynamics of community self-organization through ontogenetic asymmetry)
  • PCAD4COD (sound impact on fish populations)
  • PCOD+ (exploring the population consequences of disturbance)
  • EcoEvoClim, ecological and evolutionary consequences of predator-prey mismatch due to environmental variations associated with climate change

Published by  IBED

17 October 2017