Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

TE people

Research staff

  • prof. dr. A.M. (AndrĂ©) de Roos

    Head of TE-group
    T: 0205257747

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PhD students

  • Mr T.P.G. (Tom) van den Beuken MSc

    PhD student
    T: 0205258417

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  • Ms J.A. (Hanna) ten Brink MSc

    PhD student
    T: 0205258398

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  • Ms P.C. (Catalina) Chaparro Pedraza MSc

    PhD student
    T: 0205258419

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  • Mr V. (Vincent) Hin MSc

    PhD student
    T: 0205256286
    T: 0615294796

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  • Ms L.C.G. (Louise) Lassalle MSc

    PhD student
    T: 0205258421

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Ph.D. Alumni and their dissertations

Below is list of the Ph.D. Alumni of the TE Group and their dissertations. For a complete list of all IBED Ph.D. Alumni and their dissertations visit the general Publication page of IBED.


  • Soudijn, F.H. (2016, April 15). Populations exposed to seasonal variability: from individual-level energetics to community dynamics. -
  • Leeuwen, A. van (2012, December 12). The cod delusion: Implications of life history complexity for predator-prey community dynamics. - (IR)
  • Montserrat Larrosa, M. (2011, Januari 27). Behaviour and community ecology of competing predators that feed on each other. -
  • Hammen, Tessa van der (2010, Oktober 15). Effects of spatial heterogeneity on intraguild predation.
  • Schellekens, T. (2010, Mei 24). The effects of stage-specific differences in energetics on community structure. - (Metis)
  • Bezemer, D.O. (2009, September 03). Impact of antiretroviral therapy on HIV-1 transmission dynamics. - (IR)
  • Ballegooijen, W.M. van (2006, November 15). Evolution and ecology of infectious disease.
    - (IR)
  • Opijnen, T. van (2006, Juli 06). Virus and environment : how HIV-1 replication and evolution are driven by the host-cell environment.
  • Wolfshaar, K.E. van de (2006, Mei 10). Population persistence in the face of size-dependent predation and competition interactions. - (IR)
  • Hille Ris Lambers, R. (2005, Juli 05). Persistence of omnivory. - (IR)
  • Dekker, W. (2004, Oktober 11). Slipping through our hands. Population of the European Eel.
    - (IR)
  • Kooten, T. van (2004, Maart 24). On the interplay of life-history and population dynamics: emergent consequences of individual variability and specialization.  - (IR)
  • Claessen, D. (2002, Juni 03). Dwarfs and giants: the dynamic interplay of size-dependent cannibalism and competition. - (IR)
  • Klok, C. (2000, September 27). A quest for the role of habitat quality in nature conservation.
    - (IR)


Published by  IBED

13 June 2016