Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Staff of IBED-ESS

Research staff

  • prof. dr. P.C. (Peter) de Ruiter

    Chair of the ESS group
    T: 0205255684

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  • dr. L.H. (Erik) Cammeraat

    Associate professor
    T: 0205255890

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  • dr. B. (Boris) Jansen

    Assistant professor
    T: 0205257444

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  • dr. J.R. (John) Parsons

    Assistant Professor
    T: 0205256580

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  • dr. A. (Albert) Tietema

    Assistant professor
    T: 0205257458

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  • dr. C. (Chiara) Cerli

    Postdoctoral researcher, head of laboratory facilties | T: 0205257434

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Ph.D. students and Junior scientists


  • Ms A. (Ana) Causanilles Llanes MSc

    PhD student |

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  • Ms N.T.R.J.M. (Tamara) Jonkman MSc

    PhD student
    T: 0205257438

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Support staff

  • Mr R. (Rick) Helmus MSc

    Laboratory technician
    T: 0205256554

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  • Mr L. (Leen) de Lange

    Laboratory technician
    T: 0205257416

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  • Ms J.C. (Jorien) Schoorl

    Laboratory technician
    T: 0205257414

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  • Mr P. (Peter) Serne

    Laboratory technician
    T: 0205256571
    T: 0205257449

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  • Ms J.W. (Joke) Westerveld

    Laboratory technician
    T: 0205256566

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Ph.D. Alumni and their dissertations

Below is list of the Ph.D. Alumni of ESS. and their dissertations. For a complete list of all IBED Ph.D. Alumni and their dissertations visit the general Publication page of IBED.

  • Dimzon, I.K. 2015. Analytical and statistical approaches in the characterization of synthetic polymers.

  • Waaijers, S.L. 2014. Environmental fate & effects of new generation flame retardants.

  • Wang, Xiang. 2014. Impacts of soil redisctribution on the transport and fate of organic carbon on loess soils
  • de Vet, S.J., 2013. When the glacier left the volcano: enviromental fate of glaciovolcanic glass in different planetary environments
  • Kopittke, G., 2013. Heathland ecosystems, human impacts and time.
  • Klotzbücher, T.J., 2011. Fate of lignin in forest soils.
  • Haftka, J.J.H., 2009. Bioavailability of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments: Experiments and modelling
  • Tonneijck, F.H., 2009. Volcanic ash soils in Andean ecosystems.
  • Lesschen, J.P., 2008. Multi-scale interactions between soil, vegetation and erosion in the context of agricultural land abandonment in a semi-arid environment
  • Botton, S. 2007. Natural Attenuation of BTEX in a polluted aquifer. Give bugs a chance!
  • Bouma, N.A., 2006. Rill initiation and development in relation to dynamic soil properties.
  • van Roon, A., 2006. Designing sustainable chemicals. Predictive tools for the environmental fate of monoterpene pesticides.
  • Raat, K.J., 2005. An analysis of short-term dynamics and parametric uncertainty in a forest nitrogen model.
  • van Meeteren, M.J.M., 2005. Heathland ecosystem functioning under climate change.
  • Vrugt, J.A., 2004. Towards improved treatment of parameter uncertainty in hydrologic modeling.
  • Lloyd Davies, M.T., 2004. A polar paradise: the glaciation of South Victoria Land, Antarctica.
  • Jonkers, C.C.A., 2004. Environmental behaviour of onylphenol ethoxylates in coastal waters.
  • Jansen, B., 2003. The mobility of aluminium, iron and organic matter in acidic sandy soils.
  • Huisman, J.A., 2002. Measuring soil water content with time domain reflectrometry and ground-penetrating radar
  • Dorren, L.K.A., 2002. Mountain geoecosystems - GIS modelling of rockfall and protection forest structure.
  • Coppus, R., 2002. Landscape sensitivity in three semi-arid Central Andean geo-ecosystems.
  • Aerts, J.C.J.H., 2002. Spatial decision support for resource allocation: integration of optimization, uncertainty analysis and visualisation techniques.
  • Dijk, P.M. van, 2001. Soil erosion and associated sediment supply to rivers. Seasonal dynamics, soil conservation measures and impacts of climate change.
  • Obale-Ebanga, F, 2001. Impacts of land use histories on soil organic matter dynamics and related properties of savannah soils in North Cameroon.
  • Wijk, M.T. van, 2001. Quantification of the mutual relationships between forest growth and forest water use. Determining factors, feedbacks and strategies.
  • Dekker, S.C., 2000. Modelling and Monitoring Forest Evapotranspiration. Behaviour, Concepts and Parameters.
  • Lee, G.E.M. van der, 2000. Anoxic conditions in Douglas fir litter layer. Implications for denitrification.
  • Weerts, A.H., 2000. Transport properties of unsaturated sandy soils: Analogies, measurements and models.
  • Salm, C. van der, 1999. Weathering in Forest Soils.
  • Tiktak, A., 1999. Modeling non-point source pollutans in soils. Applications to the leaching and accumulation of pesticides and cadmium.
  • Harkel, M.J. ten, 1998. Nutrient pools and fluxes in dry coastal dune grasslands.
  • Musters, P., 1998. Temporal and spatial patterns of root water uptake in an austrian pine stand on sandy soil.
  • Wessel, W.W., 1997. Metal nutrient dynamics in the organic surface layer of an acidifying forest soil. Modelling the interaction of physical, chemical and biological processes.
  • Bergkamp, G., 1996. Mediterranean geoecosystems. Hierarchical organisation and degradation.
  • Dijkstra, E.F., 1996. Development of humus profiles under Scots pine on driftsands. A comparative study of heavy metal polluted and non-polluted sites in Noord-Brabant (the Netherlands).
  • Jonge, H. de, 1996. Sorption, bioavailability and mineralization of hydro carbons in contaminated soils.
  • Koopmans, C.J., 1996. The impact of reduced nitrogen deposition on nitrogen cycling in Dutch forest ecosystems. 
  • Schaap, M.G., 1996. The role of soil organic matter in the hydrology of forests on dry sandy soils.
  • Arens, S.M., 1994. Aeolian processes in the Dutch foredunes.
  • Freijer, J.I., 1994. Mineralization of hydrocarbons and gas dynamics in soil contaminated soils. Experiments and modeling.
  • Heimovaara, T.J., 1993. Time domain reflectometry in soil science: theoretical backgrounds, measurements and models.
  • Pluis, J.L.A., 1993. The role of algae in the spontaneous stabilization of blowouts.
  • Bouten, W., 1992. Monitoring and modelling forest hydrological processes in support of acidification research.
  • Cammeraat, L.H., 1992. Hydro-geomorphologic processes in a small forested sub-catchment: preferred flow-path of water.
  • Tietema, A., 1992. Nitrogen cycling and soil acidification in forest ecosystems in the Netherlands.
  • Wesemael, B., 1992. Soil organic matter in mediterranean forests and its implications for nutrient cycling and weathering of acid, low-grade metamorphic rocks.
  • Gerits, J.J.P., 1991. Physico-chemical thresholds for sediment detachment, transport and deposition.
  • Bocco, G.H.R., 1990. Gully erosion analysis using remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems.
  • Broek T.M.W. van den, 1989. Clay dispersion and pedogenesis of soils with an abrupt contrast in texture. A hydro-pedological approach on subcatchment scale.
  • Vis, M., 1989. Processes and patterns of erosion in natural and disturbed Andean forest ecosystems.


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