Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

P&L Staff


  • Dr W.D. (William) Gosling

    Head of P&L group
    T: 0205257821
    T: 020-525 7821

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  • dr. ir. J.H. (John) van Boxel

    Assistant Professor | T: 0205256216

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  • dr. J.F. (Joost) Duivenvoorden

    Director MSc Biological Sciences | T: 0205257812

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  • dr. B. (Bas) van Geel

    Associate Professor (retired) | T: 0205257664

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  • dr. A.M. (Annemieke) Kooijman

    Assistant Professor | T: 0205258296

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  • dr. C.N.H. (Crystal) McMichael

    Assistant Professor | T: 0205257316

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PhD researchers

  • Ms M.J. (Marian) Cabrera Pantoja MSc

    Trait-based study of Páramo recovery in Colombia | T: 0205257595

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  • Ms D.C. (Donya) Danesh

    Vegetation, fire, and lake productivity in northwest Ontario, Canada |

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  • Ms S.G.A. (Suzette) Flantua MSc

    Temporal and spatial response assessment of Andean biota to climate change |

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  • Ms A.C.M. (Adele) Julier MSc

    Modern pollen-vegetation relationships in Ghana (Guest researcher) |

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  • Mr N.J.D. (Nicholas) Loughlin MSc

    Tropical forest response to past climate change (Guest researcher) |

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  • Ms M.L. (Milan) Teunissen van Manen MSc

    Characterization of Neotropical ecosystems by their modern pollen spectra and organic chemical composition | T: 0205257193

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  • Ms A.L. (Annemarie) Philip

    Laboratory Technician | T: 0205257671

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  • prof. dr. A.M. (Antoine) Cleef

    Researcher (retired) | T: 0205257840

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  • Mr F.X. (Francisco) Cuesta Camacho MSc

    Guest Researcher |

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  • prof. dr. H. (Henry) Hooghiemstra

    Emeritus Professor | T: 0205257857

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  • dr. M.C. (Carina) Hoorn

    Guest Researcher | T: 0205257595

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  • dr. J.M. (Jan) van Mourik

    Guest Researcher (retired) | T: 0205258763

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Published by  IBED

18 October 2016