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IBED in the media

IBED researchers frequently appear in the media to present their research and its applications to a wider audience to strengthen the link between Science and Society. Here you can find an overview of IBED research that appeared in magazines/newspapers or was broadcasted on radio/TV (mainly in Dutch).

Minor genetic change creates unattractive female moths and AgriHolland report about a new study by a group of IBED researchers on a minor gentic change that can create unattractive female moths. - 14 March

AgriHolland - 14 March

What does Bolkestein read?

Peter Roessingh published a letter in NRC to comment on an article on about climate change, in which Frits Bolkestein stated that he never read a convincing story about climate change.  

NRC - 13 March 2019

Cultural diversity of chimpanzees

Serge Wich, professor by special appointment of Conservation of the Great Apes, is asked by KIJK to comment on a recent study in Science on the human impact on chimpanzee behavioral diversity. Wich emphasizes that it is important to preserve the cultural diversity of chimpanzees. 

KIJK - 8 March

Modern technology to trap poachers

De Volkskrant writes about the use of modern technology in trapping poachers. Professor Serge Wich, professor by special appointment of Conservation of the Great Apes, gives comments. He himself uses drones for his research on Great Apes. 

Volkskrant - 1 March

GPS-Tagged Seabirds Track the Tides

Computational ecologist Prof. Willem Bouten responds in The Scientist on a study that links bird movement to tidal currents. He argues that that seabirds could provide a wealth of additional information on ocean currents for oceanographers. 

The Scientist - 1 March

Chimpanzees prefer certain foods. Is this also culture?

Folia and Haarlems Dagblad report about the Chimpanzee research in the difficult-to-access areas of Eastern Congo poses, that involved IBED researcher Peter Roessingh. 

Haarlems Dagblad - 15 March

Folia - 27 February

Marc Davidson about climate policy

Environmental philosopher Marc Davidson is interviewed by Folia and Metro about climate policy, and tells whether a moral revolution is needed to combat climate change. And what are the similarities between climate change, emancipation and abolition of slavery? 

Metro - 8 March

Folia - 21 February

More violations for pesticide use

Misuse of pesticides can pose risks to the environment and health, but in practice the rules for pesticide use are poorly observed. Annemarie van Wezel, professor Environmental Ecology, explains on NPO Radio 1 about the consequences. 

NPO Radio 1 - 10 February

Are oceans changing color?

Climate change could change microbial life in the oceans in such a way that the color of water will change. IBED professor Jef Huisman explains in science and techonlogy magazine KIJK about the mechanisms behind this potential effect of changing climate conditions. 

KIJK - 6 February

William Gosling about the brexit: 'We can end up anywhere'

On 29 March ends the British membership of the European Union. Folia asked British UvA employees, among whom IBED researcher William Gosling, how they experience the Brexit and how this will impact science.

Folia - 5 February

Criminals dump drug production waste in sewage

Chemical drug waste is often dumped in the sewage, as it is effective and relatively invisible. Thomas ter Laak, researcher at KWR and associate professor at IBED, explains in newspaper de Gelderlander what the consequences are for the environment.

De Gelderlander - 18 januari

Annemarie van Wezel in Trouw about microplastics

Can special laundry machine filters prevent micro plastics to end up in the environment? Annemarie van Wezel, professor Environmental Ecology and director of IBED, comments on this technology in Trouw. 

Trouw - 15 January