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IBED in the media

IBED researchers frequently appear in the media to present their research and its applications to a wider audience to strengthen the link between Science and Society. Here you can find an overview of IBED research that appeared in magazines/newspapers or was broadcasted on radio/TV (mainly in Dutch).

40 years of solving crimes

Prof. Ate Kloosterman, professor by special appointment of Forensic Biology, retired to the position of emeritus. In Parool he tells about 40 years of solving crimes.

Bullet needed for less herbivores

An opinion paper by André de Roos and Peter van Tienderen in NRC about the new nature manegement plan for the Oostvaardersplassen.


Bird radar should save birds from wind turbines

IBED researchers are involved in developing a bird radar that can be used to reduce the number birds killed by wind turbines. Willem Bouten explains more about this line of research in the TV programme 'Monitor'.

Gulls in the city

Gulls are increasingly causing nuisance in Dutch cities. IBED researcher Judy Shamoun-Baranes explains in AD Haagse Courant why gulls move to the cities and that the presence of gulls can also be seen as usefull.

Research grant for Hal Caswell

IBED reseacher Hal Caswell appeared in Folia since he received for the second time the Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (ERC).

Waste-water based tracing of drug use

Pim de Voogt, professor of Chemical-Biological Interactions in Aquatic Ecosystems at UvA, appeared in several media to talk about waste-water based tracing of cocaine, xtc and doping use. 

Lessons from the past

Jan Sevink, emeritus professor in Physical Geography, in the Volkskrant and radio show Vroege Vogels about the lessons we can learn from paleoecological research with respect to current nature management in the Netherlands.  

Research ship Pelagia - NICO expedition

Over seven months, nearly 130 scientists aboard the research ship Pelagia to study the changing oceans in various locations, including the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Bay of Biscay. The RV Pelagia departed from Texel in December 2017. Also a number of UvA researchers and students join this expedition and talked about their research with the media.

Kingfisher on UvA Science Park

On UvA Science Park it is possible to spot the kingfisher. Jan van Arkel, digital illustrator at IBED, was very lucky to make some beautiful pictures of this birds and was interviewed by UvA medium Folia.

Water, too few and too many

Researcher Emiel van Loon talks on Radio Swammerdam about the interaction between water infrastructure and animals in the Netherlands. For example, musk rats dig corridors in our dykes, but this same dike also has a lot of influence on the life of other residents in the environment. 

Sowing method to restore damaged coral

Various media payed attention to a new method of IBED PhD candidate Valérie Chamberland and reserach Mark Vermeij to restore damaged coral reefs. 

Published by  IBED

17 May 2018