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Jan van Arkel

About the IBED Seminars

The IBED Seminars are organized by the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED). We intend to invite scientists - from all over the world - who have leading roles within the IBED related research themes.
In general the IBED seminars will be held every fourth Thursday of the month from 16.00h to 17.00h. Prior to the lecture the seminar-speaker will visit the research group(s) and after the lecture there will be drinks and an opportunity to talk to the speaker informally.

Organizing committee

IBED Seminars are organized by the following IBED PhD students and postdocs:

  • Ms M.L. (Milan) Teunissen van Manen MSc

    PhD Candidate

    T: 0205257193

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  • Ms A.C. (Anne - Catherine) Ahn MSc

    PhD Candidate
    T: 0205258694

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  • Ms S.F. (Silke) van Daalen MSc

    PhD Candidate
    T: 0205258419

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17 May 2018