Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

PhD and PostDoc council

The IBED PhD & Postdoc Council was reinvigorated in 2014 and has three core aims:

  1. to build a community of PhDs & postdocs by organizing monthly social events
  2. to facilitate communication between management and PhDs / Postdocs through organizing open meetings with the management.
  3. to organize welcome and information meetings for new temporal staff.

Monthly meetings 

Each first Friday of the month, we aim to organize an event for all IBED PhD candidates and postdocs. Ideally, this would be a lecture (~30 min) by a PhD candidate or postdoc from IBED about his or her research, followed by a more general topic that could be of interest to all (e.g. PhD graduation rules, science outreach, carreer perspectives, etc). Afterwards, we'll go for drinks!

Community building 

Another part of building a community, is good communication with the management. PhDs and postdocs can run into problems that other staff does not have, e.g. finishing a thesis. When there is a general problem that requires attention, we'll try to organize an open meeting with the IBED management, in which all PhDs and postdocs are welcome to join. Possible topics are teaching duties, contract extensions, etc.

Feeling welcome 

As a third goal, we would like to organize welcome meetings for new IBED temporal staff members . These could be held e.g. twice a year, with the aim of providing information to new PhDs and postdocs about IBED, graduation, the structure and hierarchy of the institute, etc. Also, at such meetings we welcome new staff members into the IBED community, so that they know where to go when they have questions.

12 January 2015