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At this place we provide an overview of the various PhD Theses that were produced within IBED since it was founded in 2000. Where possible a link to the full text of the thesis is provided.

PhD Theses published in 2018

Nina Zhang (25 June 2018)

What omnivores don’t eat: non-consumptive ecological effects of phytophagy by Macrolophus pygmaeus 

Prom./coprom.: Dr A.R.M. Janssen; Prof. Dr P.C. de Ruiter; Dr G.J. Messelink

Thesis cover Maria Hoppe

Maria Hoppe (14 June 2018)

Oligomers in polyester food contact materials: Identification and migration studies

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Dr W.P. de Voogt; Dr R.H. Franz

Thesis cover Hanna ten Brink

Hanna ten Brink (25 May 2018)

Evolution of Complex Life Cycles

Prom>: Prof. Dr A.M. de Roos

Thesis cover Ana Causanilles Llanes

Ana Causanilles Llanes (24 May 2018)

Wastewater-based epidemiology, an analytical chemical approach for the investigation of human consumption of lifestyle chemicals

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Dr W.P. de Voogt; Prof. Dr F.J. Hernández

Thesis cover Thomas Lameris

Thomas Lameris (18 May 2018)

Outflying climate change

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Dr B.A. Nolet; Prof. Dr MSc W. Bouten; Dr H.P. van der Jeugd

Thesis cover Keith Richards

Keith Richards (16 May 2018)

Studies in Caspian palynology

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Dr H. Hooghiemstra; Prof. Dr S.B. Kroonenberg

Thesis cover Balazs Brankovic

Balázs Brankovics (9 May 2018)

Return of the mitochondrial DNA

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Dr G.S. de Hoog; Prof. Dr S.B.J. Menken; Dr A.D. van Diepeningen; Dr T.A.J. van der Lee

Thesis Cover Frederike Quaak

Frederike Quaak (26 April 2018)

Microbial populations and their potential in forensic investigations

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Dr A.D.Kloosterman; Dr I. Kuiper

Thesis cover Monique Wesselink

Monique Wesselink (26 April 2018)

DNA markers for forensic identification of non-human biological traces

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Dr Kloostermanman; Dr I. Kuiper

Valerie Chamberland (9 February 2018)

Environmental drivers of recruitment success in Caribbean corals: Applications to aid the recovery of threatened coral populations

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Jef Huisman; Dr. M.J.A. Vermeij

Thesis cover Wim Jonckheere

Wim Jonckheere (12 January 2018)

The salivary proteome of Tetranychus urticae: Key to its polyphagous nature?

Prom./coprom.: Prof. P.H. van Tienderen; Prof L. Tirry; Dr T.B.S. Van Leeuwen



PhD Theses published in 2017

Thesis Cover Alice Burridge

Alice Burridge (7 December 2017)

Marine biogeography and evolution: Diversity patterns of planktonic gastropods and amphipods

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Jef Huisman; Prof. Steph B.J. Menken; Dr Katja T.C.A. Peijnenburg

Thesis Cover Alexandra Revyinthi

Alexandra Revynthi (6 December 2017)

Should I stay or should I go? The role of dispersal and cannibalism in exploitation strategies of a predatory mite

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Peter C. de Ruiter; Dr. C.J.Martijn Egas; Dr. Arne R.M. Janssen

Thesis Cover Anna Mapes

Anna Mapes (30 November 2017)

Rapid DNA technologies at the crime scene: CSI’ fiction matching reality

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Ate D. Kloosterman, Prof. Christianne J. de Poot

Thesis Cover Jiajia Gao

Jiajia Gao (21 November 2017)

Interactive adsorption of phenolic and amino acids on minerals: Implications for the formation and properties of soil mineral–organic associations

Prom./coprom.: Prof. Peter C. de Ruiter; Prof. Karsten Kalbitz; Dr Boris Jansen

Thesis cover Vincent Hin

Vincent Hin (3 November 2017)
Eco-evolutionary perspective on life history complexity
Prom./coprom.: Prof. A.M. de Roos

Suzette G.A. Flantua (23 June 2017)
Climate change and topography as drivers of Latin American biome dynamics
Prom./coprom.: Prof. H. Hooghiemstra; Dr J.H. van Boxel

Karen A. Muñoz Cárdenas (21 June 2017)
What lies beneath? (Linking litter and canopy food webs to protect ornamental crops)
Prom./coprom.: Prof. P.C. de Ruiter; Dr A.R.M. Janssen

Seyed Ali Hosseini (20 June 2017)
Chemical ecology of moths (Role of semiochemicals in host location by Ectomyelois ceratoniae and mate guarding by Heliothis virescens)
Prom./coprom.: Prof. S.B.J. Menken; Dr A.T. Groot & Dr S.H. Goldansaz


PhD Theses published in 2016

Refaey, Y. (22 December 2016)
Characterization of clay deposits from Egypt and assessment of their potential application for waste water treatment: How dissolved organic matter determines the interaction of heavy metals and clay minerals
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr W.P. de Voogt, Prof. dr K. Kalbitz, Dr B. Jansen, Dr. J.R. Parsons

Al Hatmi, A. (21 December 2016)
Phylogeny, diagnostics and antifungal susceptibility of clinically relevant Fusarium species
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr G.S. de Hoog, Prof. dr S. B. J. Menken, Dr J. F. G. M. Meis

Maat, D. (16 December 2016)
Ecophysiological aspects of algal host–virus interactions in a changing ocean
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr C.P.D. Brussaard

Moerdijk-Poortvliet, T. (9 December 2016)
Carbon cycling in benthic diatom mats: Novel applications of LC/IRMS
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr L. J. Stal, Dr H. T. S. Boschker

Markus, A. (8 December 2016)
Release, transport and fate of engineered nanoparticles in the aquatic environment
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr W.P. de Voogt, Prof. dr R.W.P.M. Laane, Dr J.R. Parsons, Dr E.W.M. Roex

Sun, Z. (30 November 2016)
Timing of reproduction in consumer-resource interactions
Prom./coprom.:  Prof. dr A.M. de Roos, Dr K. Parvinen

Terzic, O. (29 November 2016)
Thermal desorption-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry methods and strategy for screening of chemical warfare agents, their precursors and degradation products in environmental, industrial and waste samples
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr W.P. de Voogt, Dr G. Mallard

Schimmel, B. (10 November 2016)
From induction to suppression: How to manipulate plant defenses
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr M.A. Haring, Dr M. Kant

Doorenweerd, C. (25 October 2016)
Branching out: the role of host plants in the diversification of leaf-mining moths
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr S.B.J. Menken, Dr E.J. van Nieukerken

Carboni, A. (18 October 2016)
Fullerene nanoparticles in soil: Analysis, occurrence and fate
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr W.P. de Voogt, Prof. Dr K. Kalbitz, Dr J. R. Parsons

Grosse, J. (4 October 2016)
Resource limitation and the biochemical composition of marine phytoplankton
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr L.J. Stal, Dr ir. H.T.S. Boschker

Silva, F. da (7 July 2016)
Small is superior: Plant-provided prey refuges, predator-prey dynamics and biological control
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr P.C. de Ruiter, Dr I.K.A. Lesna & Dr A.R.M. Janssen

Vasquez Cardenas, D. (12 May 2016)
Bacterial chemoautotrophy in coastal sediments
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr L.J. Stal, Dr H.T.S. Boschker & Prof.dr ir. F.J.R. Meysman

Soudijn, F. (15 April 2016)
Populations exposed to seasonal variability: from individual-level energetics to community dynamics.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr A.M. de Roos

Sandrini, G. (6 April 2016)
Effects of rising CO₂ on the harmful cyanobacterium Microcystis
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr J. Huisman, Dr J.C.P. Matthijs

Fan, H. (30 March 2016)
Investigations on the nitrogen cycle in the coastal North Sea
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr L.J. Stal, Dr H Bolhuis

Serna Chávez, H. (10 March 2016)
What we talk about when we talk about climate services
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr W. Bouten, Prof. dr P.M. van Bodegom, Dr M.D. Davidson

Staudacher, H. (19 February 2016)
Of moths, mites and microbes - The role of bacteria in the life history of two arthropod herbivores.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr S.B.J. Menken, Dr A.T. Groot.

Samerpitak, K. (11 February 2016)
Patterns of evolution in Ochroconis, a potential neurotroph.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr G.S. de Hoog & Prof.dr S.B.J. Menken.

Ahmed Ibrahim, S. (11 February 2016)
New insights into a disfiguring fungal disease, eumycetoma.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr G.S. de Hoog, Prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken & Dr W.W.J. van de Sande.

Vansteelant, W. (21 January 2016)
From thermal to flyway: how weather shapes the soaring migration of European Honey Buzzards Pernis apivorus at multiple scales.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr ir. W. Bouten & Dr J.Z. Shamoun-Baranes.

PhD Theses published in 2015

Alexander, B. (10 December 2015)
Cell turnover in marine sponges: Insight into poriferan physiology and nutrient cycling in benthic ecosystems.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr W. Admiraal, Dr ir. J.M. de Goeij & Dr H.G. van der Geest.

Aguirre Gutiérrez, J. (28 October 2015)
Biodiversity responses to climate and land-use change: A historical perspective.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr J.C. Biesmeijer, Dr L.G. Carvalheiro & Dr ir. E.E. van Loon.

Mettrop, I. (21 October 2015)
Water level fluctuations in rich fens: an assessment of ecological benefits and drawbacks.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr H. Hooghiemstra, Prof. dr L.P.M. Lamers & Dr A.M. Kooijman.

Wybouw, N.R. (9 October 2015)
The role of horizontally transferred genes in the xenobiotic adaptations of the spider mite Tetranychus urticae.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr P.H. van Tienderen, Prod. dr L. Tirry & Dr T.B.S. Van Leeuwen.

Hänniger, S. (6 October 2015)
Chasing sympatric speciation: The relative importance and genetic basis of prezygotic isolation barriers in diverging populations of Spodoptera frugiperda
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr S.B.J. Menken, Prof. dr D.G. Heckel, Dr A.T. Groot

Mojica, K.D.A. (16 September 2015)
Viral lysis of marine microbes in relation to vertical stratification.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr C.P.D. Brussaard.

Blauw, A.N. (18 September 2015)
Monitoring and prediction of phytoplankton dynamics in the North Sea.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr J. Huisman & Prof.dr R.W.P.M. Laane.

Bruijn, P.J.A. de (23 June 2015)
Context‐dependent chemical communication: Alarm pheromones of thrips larvae.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr M.W. Sabelis, Prof.dr S.B.J. Menken & Dr C.J.M. Egas.

Dimzon, I.K. (22 May 2015)
Analytical and statistical approaches in the characterization of synthetic polymers.
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr W.P. de Voogt & Prof. dr T.P. Knepper.

de Carvalho Domingos Carreira, C. (13 May 2015)
Microscale spatial distributions of microbes in marine intertidal sediments and photosynthetic microbial mats
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr C.P.D. Brussaard, Prof. dr M. Middelboe

Haan, J. den (8 May 2015)
Effects of nutrient enrichment on the primary producers of a degraded coral reef.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr J. Huisman, Dr P.M. Visser & Dr M.J.A. Vermeij.

Brauer, V.S. (9 April 2015)
Growth and functioning of the microbial plankton community: effects of temperature, nutrients and light.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr J. Huisman, Prof.dr L.J. Stal, Dr M. Stomp & Prof. dr F.J. Weissing.

McLaren, J.D. (4 February 2015)
Optimal bird migration: accumulating fuel, negotiating wind and trade-offs in fitness.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr ir. W. Bouten & Dr J.Z. Shamoun-Baranes.

Demaeght, P.A.  (23 January 2015)
A genomic approach to investigate resistance mechanisms in the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr S.B.J. Menken, Prof. dr L. Tirry, Dr. T.B.S. Van Leeuwen

Dolatabadi, S. (20 January 2015)
Mucorales between food and infection.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr G.S. de Hoog & Prof.dr S.B.J. Menken.

PhD Theses published in 2014

Keizer-Vlek, H.E. (22 January 2014)
Fifty shades of grey: Variability in metric-based assessment of surface waters using macroinvertebrates
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr. ir. P.F.M. Verdonschot, Prof. dr. H. Siepel

van den Broek, E.M.F. (24 January 2014)
Keeping up appearances: Experiments on cooperation in social dilemmas
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr A.J.H.C. Schram, Prof. dr M. Sabelis, Dr M. Egas

Wang, X. (22 April 2014)
Impacts of soil redistribution on the transport and fate of organic carbon in loess soils.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. K. Kalbitz & dr. L.H. Cammeraat.

Visser, F. (24 April 2014)
Moving in concert: Social and migratory behaviour of dolphins and whales in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. J. Huisman & prof.dr. G.J. Pierce.

Whatley, M.H. (2014, Mei 13). 
A house of cards: Patterns of aquatic invertebrate diversity in agricultural ditches.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. W. Admiraal & dr. H.G. van der Geest

Glas, J.J. (2014, Juli 02). 
Consequences of russet mite-induced tomato defenses for community interactions.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis & dr. M. Kant.

Boer, E.J. de (2014, September 10). 
Mauritius since the last ice age: paleoecology and climate of an oceanic island.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. H. Hooghiemstra & dr. K.F. Rijsdijk.

Waaijers, S.L. (2014, September 12). 
Environmental fate & effects of new generation flame retardants.
Prom./coprom.: dr. W.P. de Voogt, prof.dr. W. Admiraal, dr. J.R. Parsons & dr. M.H.S. Kraak.

Hora, K.H. (2014, September 24). 
Genetic architecture of host specialisation in Yponomeuta.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken & dr. P. Roessingh.

Cusell, C. (2014, Oktober 24). 
Preventing acidification and eutrophication in rich fens: Water level management as a solution?
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. H. Hooghiemstra, J.G.M. Roelofs, dr. A.M. Kooijman & L.P.M. Lamers.

Goldenberg Vilar, A. (2014, Oktober 30). 
See attached: Unravelling drivers for the spatial distribution of diatom communities in eutrophic wetlands.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. W. Admiraal & dr. H.G. van der Geest.

Lindenbergh, P.A. (2014, November 20). 
Development of RNA profiling tools and the implementation in forensic casework.
Prom./coprom.: prof. A.D. Kloosterman & L.M.T. Sijen.

Sjollema, S.B. (2014, November 25). 
Lifting the veil: Impact of contaminants on coastal phytoplankton.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. W. Admiraal, A.D. Vethaak, dr. H.G. van der Geest & prof.dr. R.W.P.M. Laane.


PhD Theses published in 2013

Wilken, S. (2013, Maart 27)
Mixotrophs in aquatic ecosystems: linking physiology to food web dynamics.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. E. van Donk & prof.dr. J. Huisman.

Kopittke, G.R. (2013, April 03) 
Heathland ecosystems, human impacts and time: A long term heathland trial investigating ecosystem changes that occur after exposure to climate change, elevated N deposition and traditional vegetation management practices.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. K. Kalbitz, dr. A. Tietema & E.E. van Loon.

Loayza-Muro, R.A. (2013, Juni 07)
Life at the edge: Benthic invertebrates in high altitude Andean streams.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. W. Admiraal & dr. M.H.S. Kraak.

Spichtig, M. (2013, Juni 25)
Evolution of altruism: Exploring adaptive landscapes.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis, prof.dr. A.J.H.C. Schram & dr. C.J.M. Egas.

Vet, S.J. de (2013, Juni 27' 
When the glacier left the volcano: Behaviour and fate of glaciovolcanic glass in different planetary environments.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. K. Kalbitz & dr. L.H. Cammeraat.

Mulling, B.T.M. (2013, Juli 03). 
Particles matter: Transformation of suspended particles in constructed wetlands.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. W. Admiraal.

Hsu, R.C.C. (2013, September 10). 
Vascular epiphytes in Taiwan and their potential response to climate change.
Prom./coprom.: G.R. de Snoo, prof.dr. J.H.D. Wolf, dr. J.G.B. Oostermeijer & W.L.M. Tamis.

Hengstum, T. van (2013, September 11)
Ecological effects of plant invasions.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. P.H. van Tienderen & dr. J.G.B. Oostermeijer.

Hunting, E.R. (2013, September 25)
Shedding light on detritus: Interactions between invertebrates, bacteria and substrates in benthic habitats.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. W. Admiraal, A.M. Breure, dr. M.H.S. Kraak & C. Mulder.

Unbehend, M. (2013, Oktober 04). 
Variation in sexual communication and its role in divergence of two host strains of the noctuid moth Spodoptera frugiperda.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken, D.G. Heckel & dr. A.T. Groot.

Anders, N.S. (2013, Oktober 31)
Modeling alpine geomorphology using laser altimetry data.
Prom./coprom.: W. Bouten & dr. A.C. Seijmonsbergen.

Eschauzier, C. (2013, November 29)
Perfluoroalkyl acids in drinking water: Sources, fate and removal.
Prom./coprom.: dr. W.P. de Voogt.

PhD Theses published in 2012

Maanen, R. van (18 January 2012)
One Predator - Two Prey Systems: Individual Behaviour and Population Dynamics.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis & dr. A.R.M. Janssen.

Benschop, C.C.G. (16 March 2012)
On the effects of sampling, analysis and interpretation strategies for complex forensic DNA research with focus on sexual assault cases.
Prom./coprom.: prof. A.D. Kloosterman & T. Sijen.

Messelink, G.J. (5 June 2012)
Generalist predators, food web complexities and biological pest control in greenhouse crops
Prom./coprom.: Prof. dr. M.W. Sabelis & Dr. A.R.M. Janssen

Hartman, Y. (2012, Juni 27)
Genomic regions under selection in crop-wild hybrids of lettuce: implications for crop breeding and environmental risk assessment.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. P.H. van Tienderen & D.A.P. Hooftman.

Oyoo Okoth, E. (2012, Juli 04)
Element specific transfer from a parasite-fish host assemblage to children.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. W. Admiraal.

Akman, M. (2012, September 05)
Sink or swim: submergence tolerance and survival strategies in Rorippa and Arabidopsis.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. P.H. van Tienderen, prof.dr. M.E. Schranz & E.J.W. Visser.

Kemp, M.U. (2012, Oktober 18)
How birds weather the weather: avian migration in the mid-latitudes.
Prom./coprom.: W. Bouten, dr. J.Z. Shamoun-Baranes & E.E. van Loon.

Famah Sourassou, N. (2012, Oktober 26).
Bio-systematics of predatory mites used for control of the coconut mite.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis & dr. J.A.J. Breeuwer.

Hardus, M.E. (2012, November 13)
Orangutan diet: lessons from and for the wild.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken & S.A. Wich.

Fredriksson, G.M. (2012, November 15)
Effects of El Niño and large-scale forest fires on the ecology and conservation of Malayan sun bears (Helarctos malayanus) in East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken, dr. D.L. Garshelis & J.E. Swenson.

Krasikov, V. (2012, December 06)
Dynamic changes in gene expression of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 in response to nitrogen starvation.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. J. Huisman & dr. J.C.P. Matthijs.

Groot, M.H.M. (2012, December 12)
Solving a piece of the puzzle". Reconstruction of millennial-scale environmental and climatic change in the northern Andes during the last glacial cycle: An integration of biotic and abiotic proxy-information.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. H. Hooghiemstra & dr. J.C. Berrio-Mogollón.

Leeuwen, A. van (2012, December 12)
The cod delusion: Implications of life history complexity for predator-prey community dynamics.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. A.M. de Roos.

Broekhuizen, J.C. van (2012, December 21)
Nano matters: building blocks for a precautionary approach.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. L. Reijnders.

Marinković, M. (2012, December 21)
Gene expression in toxicant-exposed chironomids.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. W. Admiraal, dr. M.H.S. Kraak & dr. M.J. Jonker.

PhD Theses published in 2011

Miyatake, T. (25-01-2011).
Linking microbial community structure to biogeochemical function in coastal marine sediments.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. L.J. Stal & H.T.S. Boschker.

Montserrat Larrosa, M. (27-01-2011).
Behaviour and community ecology of competing predators that feed on each other.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis, prof.dr. A.M. de Roos & dr. A.R.M. Janssen.


Almeida Sarmento, R. de (01-02-2011).
An acarine herbivore interferes with direct and inderect plant defences.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis & dr. A.R.M. Janssen.

Klotzbücher, T.J. (08-06-2011).
Fate of lignin in forest soils
Prom./coprom.: prof. dr. K. Kalbitz & dr. K. Kaiser.

Londono Vega, A.C. (21-06-2011).
Flora and dynamics of an upland and a floodplain forest in Peña Roja, Colombian Amazonia.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. A.M. Cleef, prof.dr. H. Hooghiemstra & dr. J.F. Duivenvoorden.

Bogotá-Angel, R.G. (29-06-2011).
Pleistocene Centennial-scale Vegetational, Environmental and Climatic Change in the Colombian Andes: based on biotic and abiotic proxy analyses from Lake Fúquene sediments.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. H. Hooghiemstra & J.C. Berrio.

Najafzadeh, M.J. (14-09-2011).
Biodeversity, pathogenicity, antifungal susceptibility and rapid identification of Fonsecaea and relatives.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. G.S. de Hoog & prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken.

Sparrius, L.B. (20-10-2011).
Inland dunes in the Netherlands: soil, vegetation, nitrogen deposition and invasive species.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. J. Sevink, L. Stroosnijder & dr. A.M. Kooijman.

Grosman, A.H. (11-11-2011).
Colonization of eucalyptus in Brazil by an insect herbivore and its enemies, Herbivores find enemy-free space on a novel host plant.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis, prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken & dr. A.R.M. Janssen.

Rucina, S.M. (20-12-2011).
Kenyan ecosystem dynamics: perspectives from high and low altitude ecosystems.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. H. Hooghiemstra & dr. R.A. Marchant.

PhD Theses published in 2010

Vries, E.J. de (04-02-2010).
Symbiosis of thrips and gut bacteria. UvA
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken, prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis & dr. J.A.J. Breeuwer.

Severin, I. (27-04-2010).
Nitrogen fixation in microbial mats.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. L.J. Stal.

Schellekens, T. (24-05-2010).
The effects of stage-specific differences in energetics on community structure.
Umeå University, Sweden
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. A.M. de Roos.

Waal, D.B. van de (24-06-2010).
Out of balance implications of climate change for the ecological stoichiometry of harmful cyanobacteria.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. J. Huisman.

Badali, H. (25-06-2010).
Biodiversity, pathogenicity and antifungal susceptibility of Cladophialophora and relatives.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. G.S. de Hoog & prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken.

Cuello Alvarado, N.L. (09-07-2010).
Flora, vegetation and ecology in the venezuelan andes: a case study of ramal de guaramacal.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. A.M. Cleef, prof.dr. H. Hooghiemstra & dr. J.F. Duivenvoorden.

Compaoré, J. (21-08-2010).
Oxygen and temperaure in relation to nitrogen fixation in cyanobacteria.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. L.J. Stal.

Meijenfeldt, N. von (10-09-2010).
Unraveling the cold response in Draba.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. P.H. van Tienderen & prof.dr. M.A. Haring.

Sznajder, B.A. (16-09-2010).
The interplay between genetic and learned components of behavioural traits. Olfactory responses of predatory mites to signals contained in a herbivore-induced plant volatile.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis & dr. C.J.M. Egas.

Hammen, Tessa van der (15-10-2010).
Effects of spatial heterogenity on intraguild predation.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. A.M. de Roos, prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis & dr. A.R.M. Janssen.

Hicks, T.C. (11-11-2010).
A chimpanzee mega-culture? Exploring behavioral continuity in Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii across northern DR Congo.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken.

Tien, N.S.H. (18-11-2010).
Evolutionary genetics of life-history traits in a haplodiploid mite.
Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. M.W. Sabelis & dr. C.J.M. Egas.

Assendorp, D. (19-11-2010).
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Dipterocarpaceae: forest fires and forest recovery
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Biodiversity and Environmental change in the rainforests of Borneo
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Uncertainty and variability in environmental life cycle assessment
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Adaptive radiation of Australian and New Zealand Microseris (Asteraceae)
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Community structure and habitat associations of lowland grassland birds in Nepal
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Impacts of agricultural land use histories on soil organic matter dynamics and
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Reproduction and genetics in fragmented plant populations
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How predatory arthropods learn to use herbivore-induced plant volatiles. Evidence
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Genetic conflicts between Cytosplasmic bacteria and their Mite Host
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How counter-attacking prey influence foraging and oviposition decisions of a predatory
mite Universiteit van Amsterdam, 76 pp.
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Vegetation history and climate records of Colombian lowland areas: rain forest,
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Establishment and Development of Epiphytes in Secondary Neotropical Forests
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PhD Theses published in 2000

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Food webs on plants: the role of a generalist predator
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Plant effects on biological control of spider mites in the ornamental crop gerbera
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Geomorphology of the Malindi Bay coastal sand dunes
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Endive, Chicory, and their wild relatives
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Impact of grazing on carbon and nutrient cycling in a grass-encroached Scots
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Production of dimethylsulfonionpropionate and dimethylsulfide in intertidal sediment
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A quest for the role of habitat quality in nature conservation
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Photoadaptation in micralgae: xantophyll cycle and state transition strategies
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Transport properties of unsaturated sandy soils. Analogies, measurement
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Modelling and monitoring forest evapotranspiration. Behaviour, concepts and
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Vascular plant family composition of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia
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Solar and anthropogenic forcing of late-Holocene vegetation changes in the
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Reorganising the orchid genus Coelogyne. A phylogenetic classification based on
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Anoxic conditions in a Douglas fir litter layer
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(Co-)promot.: prof. dr. J. M. Verstraten, dr. W. Bouten & dr. A. Tietema.

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11 July 2018