Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Computational facilities

Theoretical and Computational Ecology groupe in Collaboratorium featuring Willem Bouten, Emiel van Loon, Jurriaan Spaaks and Judy Shamoun-Barenes


Ecology, biogeography and physical geography change from a predominantly descriptive science into an ever more
predictive science, where quantitative data analysis and modelling play a most important role. High-performance computing facilities and a dedicated server for spatial databases are available at SARA. IBED scientists have access to secured data storage (~20 TB) and can freely use the LISA computer cluster (currently with 4480 cores) and HPCcloud (608 cores, 4.75 TBRAM, 400 TB storage), which opportunity is especially exploited by members of the groups of Computational Geo-Ecology and Theoretical Ecology.

Published by  IBED

20 November 2013