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Molecular Genetics Lab

Hans Breeuwer in het laboratorium


The molecular genetic lab has instruments for standard genetic analyses (RNA and DNA extraction, PCR, electrophoresis, sequencing etc.). Some analyses are outsourced for economic reasons, such as high throughput sequencing at the Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) and micro-arrays at the Micro Array Division (MAD) of the Faculty of Science.


The molecular genetics lab is supervised by Dr. Hans Breeuwer. Three technicians are dedicated to molecular genetic analyses: Peter Kuperus, Betsie Voetdijk en Lin Dong. They assist in conducting molecular-genetic experiments using established protocols together with (and provided by) IBED PhD-students, PD-researchers and faculty, mostly on plant and animal materials. Moreover, they regularly assist in a wide range of projects and courses of  bachelor and master students, predominantly from Biological Sciences, Psychobiology, Forensic Sciences and Future Planet Studies. If you are a permanent IBED staff member and you or your students are planning to undertake a project for which you need help on conducting established molecular genetic protocols, please contact ahead of time Dr. Hans Breeuwer.


Published by  IBED

6 April 2017