Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Research of IBED

The research of IBED integrates studies of biodiversity, ecosystems and the environment, by using methods typical of the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physical geography. Consequently, IBED provides a stimulating environment for research by experts from various disciplines and supported by cutting-edge research facilities.

  • Landscape

    Ecosystem & Landscape Dynamics (IBED-ELD)

    Welcome to the web pages of the Department of Ecosystem & Landscape Dynamics (ELD). The mission of the Ecology and Landscape Dynamics research department is to improve our understanding of the functioning and dynamics of abiotic and biotic ...

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  • Thrips larva and predatory mite

    Evolutionary & Population Biology (IBED-EPB)

    Research in the department of Evolutionary and Population Biology (EPB) focuses on understanding the ecological and evolutionary processes that drive community dynamics and speciation, and determine biodiversity patterns.

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  • Freshwater and Marine Ecology (IBED-FAME)

    The Department of Freshwater and Marine Ecology is achieved by merging and regrouping the two former research groups Aquatic Microbiology (AMB) and Aquatic Environmental Ecology (AEE). The two groups had research themes that in part overlapped.

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  • TCE

    Theoretical and Computational Ecology (IBED-TCE)

    Research in the Department of Theoretical and Computation Ecology (TCE) focuses on understanding the complexity of ecological systems by using theoretical and advanced computational approaches.

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