Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Horizon 2020 Grants for Faculty of Science researchers

3 February 2015

Horizon 2020, the EU programme for research and innovation, has granted three Faculty of Science projects a total of more than EUR 1.5 million. These projects are concerned with large-scale database applications relating to environmental issues (ENVRI-plus), ecosystems (Globis B) and astronomy (Asterics).


Zhiming Zhao of the Informatics Institute (IvI) is the project leader of the ENVRI-plus Data Processing unit. ENVRI-plus is a large EU project with a total budget of EUR 15 million, of which EUR 840,000 has been allocated to the Informatics Institute. The project brings together all Environmental Research Infrastructures (ENVRI) to work on solutions to shared research questions. Infrastructures for biodiversity, atmospheric research, ocean research, plate tectonics, ionosphere and various related initiatives are collaborating closely to improve hardware and data-processing techniques. 

Globis B 

Daniel Kissling of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) coordinates Globis B, or Global cooperation among Biodiversity Research Infrastructures. This project has a total budget of EUR 1 million, of which EUR 640,000 has been allocated to the IBED. Top researchers and data experts in worldwide biodiversity infrastructure and ecosystem research are collaborating in this project to calculate a number of Essential Biodiversity Variables. This use case approach can prove highly valuable to efforts to monitor biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems.


David Berge oft the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy and the Institute of Physics participates in the ASTERICS consortium and received 160,000 Euro for multi-messenger studies. Berge will employ a postdoctoral researcher at the faculty to develop standards for the generation, dissemination, distribution and reaction to multi-messenger events at the interface of large research infrastructures. ASTERICS is a consortium led by the Dutch Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON). 


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