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IBED-researchers co-author winning book Jan Wolkersprijs

27 October 2015

UvA researchers Gerard Oostermeijer, Sheila Luijten and Koos Biesmeijer, all part of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, made a large contribution to the book ‘Not without each other – flowers and insects’ (original title: Niet zonder elkaar – bloemen en insecten). The book was recently awarded with the Jan Wolkersprijs, a yearly award for the best nature book for a wide audience.

The cooperation started with Gerard Oostermeijer, who was asked to give his input on the original manuscript of the first author Louis Schoonhoven. Oostermeijer: ‘I realised  there were hardly any examples of recent research in pollination ecology in the manuscript. My suggestion to include more scientists in the project was embraced, and from there we started looking for Dutch co-authors with various research backgrounds.’

Award ceremony

The award ceremony of the Jan Wolkersprijs with Gerard Oostermeijer, Louis Schoonhoven, Sheila Luijten and co-author and publisher Rolf Roos. c: Vara Vroege Vogels

Catchy book about pollination ecology

The result is a ‘catchy book about flowers and bees’,  according to the jury report. It includes a lot of pictures and drawings and is an accessible book about the whole  area of pollination ecology : evolution, animal behavior, nature conservation and applications in agri- and horticulture.  

The first edition of the book is out of stock but the second edition is on its way.Those who are interested can order a copy directly via Gerard Oostermeijer (  for a reduced price (€ 19,50 instead of € 24,50). 

State-of-the-art research

In the meantime, Jesus Aguirre Gutierrez, who is supervised by Koos Biesmeijer, will complete his PhD trajectory in the same topic. His defense ceremony will be held tomorrow. In his research he focuses on modelling the distribution of three different pollinator groups: bees, butterflies and hoverflies. He investigates the importance of  environmental drivers on setting the species range limits and whether this has changed over time.

Published by  Faculty of Science