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Art meets science in Amsterdam Science #4

3 November 2016

The fourth edition of the popular science magazine Amsterdam Science is out now. This issue explores the interfaces where science and art meet.

In Amsterdam Science #4

  • An interview with Robert van Langh, chairman of the Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science (NICAS)
  • A chemist's perspective on aging processes in oil paintings
  • Optogenetics: a relatively young, but already indispensible method used by neuroscientists to visualise brain activity
  • Jean-S├ębastian Caux writes about the transition to Open Access
  • And more from the fields of astronomy, physics, life science, computer science and medical research

Where to find the magazine

Amsterdam Science is freely available in the stands at the participating institutes, for example in the main hall of Science Park 904 at the Faculty of Science. Je can also download the latests issue here or read the articles online on the website.

Published by  Faculty of Science