Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Entry requirements

Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution (MSc)

To be eligible for the track Ecology and Evolution of the Master's programme Biological Sciences, you must hold a Bachelor's degree in Biology, or its equivalent

Additional requirements

  • a bachelor’s Grade Point Average (GPA) of 6.5 or higher (according to the Dutch grading system). The GPA is the average of the bachelor’s course grades weighed by course/study load.
  • you must have obtained the Bachelor's degree within 4 years
  • you must have completed a Bachelor's Thesis (experimental work or field work) of at least 15 EC. The subject of the Bachelor's thesis must show affinity with and advanced knowledge of the track Ecology and Evolution.
  • you must have advanced (2nd and 3rd year BSc level) knowledge in Ecology and Evolution.

Selection criteria 

Up to, but no more than, 110 students are admitted to the Master’s Programme as a whole. If more than the maximum number of candidates are found suitable, candidates will be selected on (in random order):

  • Study programme
  • GPA score
  • Study progress Bachelor’s programme
  • Subject of Bachelor’s thesis
  • Motivation

Additional information for international students

International applicants must also fulfill other general entry requirements set by the Faculty of Science regarding academic background, academic average and proficiency in English.

Published by  GSLES

26 April 2017