Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Application procedure

For students with a Dutch Bachelor’s degree

After registering in Studielink, within 48 hours you will receive an email with your UvA student number (UvA-net ID) and an email with instructions for the next step of the application process. You need your UvA-net ID to continue with your application.

For the entry requirements of the Master's programme of your choice, please check under ‘Entry requirements’, or contact the programme director (under ‘Programme contacts’).

Application procedure

  • Register in Studielink (all students, including current UvA students). At this point you need to register for the official name of the Master's programme itself, application for a track or specialisation will follow later. 
  • Fill out and submit the application form (below), along with the required documents.
  • Within a few days, you will receive a confirmation email of your application from the faculty’s Education Service Centre. If supplementary information is needed, you will hear from us within a few weeks.
  • Within 8 weeks after your application you will hear from us whether your application is accepted or not. It is possible that an admission interview to further examine your motivation and skills will be part of the procedure.   
  • If your application is accepted (directly or after submitting extra information and/or participating in an admission interview), we will send a letter of approval for admission to Studielink, and an admission statement to the Central Student Administration of the UvA. Once you are admitted, we will invite you to start enrolment procedures 
  • If your application is rejected (directly or after submitting extra information and/or participating in an admission interview), we will send you a motivated explanation why.

Selection procedure

If more than the maximum number of applicants are found eligible for the programme, applicants will be selected for admission by the selection comittee and examinations board, on the basis of preliminary education (type of Bachelor's programme, progress within Bachelor's programme, subject of Bachelor's thesis, GPA) and motivation.

Before entering the Faculty of Science application form above, you must first fill out the general application form at Studielink.

Published by  Faculty of Science

20 April 2017