Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Entry requirements

Earth Sciences: Future Planet Ecosystem Science (MSc)

Students are eligible to apply if they have a Bachelor's degree in Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, or in Future Planet Studies with a natural science major. Admission with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry or Computer Science is also possible but only with proven interest in the field of ecosystem science.

All students go through an admissions procedure in which gaps in the students' knowledge and skills are identified. If necessary, students must be willing to study extracurricular course material, depending on your background, before starting the track .

Additional information for international students

International applicants must also fulfil other general entry requirements set by the Faculty of Science regarding academic background, academic average and proficiency in English.

For further information regarding admission requirements or the application procedure please follow the link below.



Published by  Faculty of Science

8 September 2017