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About IBED

P(h)D Council

The IBED P(h)D Council facilitates an open, social environment for PhD candidates and Postdocs to get to know each other and discuss science-(un)related matters. In addition, they provide a link between the management team and the PhD/PD community, and aim to facilitate communication and streamline potential issues. The council also provides advice to the management team regarding topics such as teaching responsibilities, PhD courses and career developing. 

Monthly meetings 

The PhD/Postdoc council organises monthly events for all IBED PhD candidates and postdocs. This time can also be used to bring forth issues or special remarks that the community would like to communicate to the management. 

Community building 

The PhD/Postdoc council maintains regular communication with the IBED Management. Together, we provide an integral approach for welcoming new members to the institute. We organise social events twice a year, open for all the institute. We also represent  the PhD candidates and Postdocs when providing advice to the management team in matters such as assessments of staff members, tenure tracks, or hiring processes. The council also represents the interests of the community during the open institute-wide meetings (IBED Café), where staff members and management get together. 

Contact information

Please contact us by sending an email to: 

Committee members

Ms E.L. (Elspeth) Sage MSc

Co-chair | PhD representative TCE

Elspeth is co-chair of the council, together with Silke. By joining the council she hopes to help facilitate social and academic integration for new and international PhDs alongside helping to support the PhD and Postdoc community at IBED through the organisation of a wide variety of events. 

Ms S.F. (Silke) van Daalen MSc

Co-chair | PhD representative TCE

Silke is co-chair of the council, along with Elspeth, she also serve as council secretary, and the point of contact for PhDs and postdocs in the Theoretical and Computational Ecology (TCE) department. She hopes to contribute to a friendly and engaging work environment within IBED, one where PhDs and postdocs can come together and enjoy their time in this institute for however long they are here.

dr. K. (Kat) Stewart

Postdoc representative EPB

Kat joined the PhD/Postdoc council in 2018 to add an invaluable postdoctoral perspective on career development, social initiatives, and institutional cohesion. She has previously served on other graduate council membership boards at two Universities during her graduate career. To facilitate a smooth transition to newly minted PhD candidates, and assist PhD's completing their tenure in graduate school, Kat has formulated the "Buddy System" which creates mentor-student dyads between new and established PhD's, and PhD's with Postdocs, within IBED.

Mr M. (Max) Anders

PhD representative EPB

Ms M. (Maja) Bradaric MSc

PhD representative TCE

The role of the PhD-postdoc council at the Institute is very important, because it helps PhDs and postdocs communicate their problems, start their initiatives and form a strong community, not only amongst themselves, but also with other councils and individual employees at the Institute. Within the council, Maja is primarily focusing on strengthening a PhD-postdoc community by helping organize different events that have a goal to improve skills, solve potential issues that arise during PhD-postdoc trajectory and create a platform where people can share knowledge, experiences and help each other in reaching their joint goal.

Mr B.A.J. (Baptiste) Poursat MSc

PhD representative FAME & ELD

Baptiste joined the PhD/PD council to contribute to the social life of the university, and to try to connect the PhD students and postdoc of the University of Amsterdam and the Vu University of Amsterdam.

Ms X. (Xia) Meng

PhD representative ELD

Xia joined the P(h)D Council to contribute to the communication between the IBED P(h)D council and the Ecosystems and Landscape Dynamics (ELD) research department

Mr S. (Sebastiaan) Koppelle

PhD representative FAME

Sebastiaan is a PhD candidate in the Freshwater and Marine Ecology (FAME) department of IBED and joined the P(h)D council in 2019. His main goal of joining the council is to serve as a representative for new and existing PhD candidates and Postdocs within the FAME department and to contribute to the development and maintenance of a healthy work environment.

Ms S. (Sara) Campana MSc

PhD representative FAME

Sara is a PhD candidate in the Freshwater and Marine Ecology (FAME) department of IBED and is one of the committee members involved in organising the monthly IBED Seminars. 

Mr C.E.A. (Carl Emil) Eskildsen

Postdoc representative FAME

Previous IBED P(h)D council members

Mr E.A. (Ernesto) Villacis Pérez MSc

Faculty of Science

Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Mr R. (Rachid) Chafi MSc

Faculty of Science

Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Ms N.L. (Naomi) Zweerus MSc

Faculty of Science

Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics