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About IBED

Advisory Committee for Teaching and Education (ACTE)

This committee comprises representatives from each department and the program directors of the BSc Future Planet Studies, the BSc Biology, the MSc Future Planet Ecosystem Science and the MSc Biological Sciences. The AC-TE advises the MB regarding strategic issues related to IBED teaching and education. The director of IBED is charged with the portfolio teaching and education (T&E) and joins the meetings of AC-TE by invitation.

Committee members

dr. C.J.M. (Martijn) Egas

Chair - EPB representative

dr. L.H. (Erik) Cammeraat

Vice Chair - Programmedirector BSc/MSc Earth Science

dr. B. (Boris) Jansen

Programme director BSc Future Planet Studies

dr. J.F. (Joost) Duivenvoorden

Programme director BSc Biology

dr. A.M. (Annemieke) Kooijman

ELD representative

dr. K.F. (Kenneth) Rijsdijk

TCE representative

dr. P.M. (Petra) Visser

FAME representative