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Klaas van Egmond is professor of Sustainability and Environment at Utrecht University. He will present about the resilience of the human ecosystem during the IBED seminar on 22 October.

Event details of IBED Seminar by Klaas van Egmond
Date 22 October 2020
Time 16:00 -17:00

The resilience of the human ecosystem

To a large extent the resilience of human societies is comparable to that of plant and animal life.  All these systems develop in  between the homogeneous, uniform population, which is highly productive, but at the same time vulnerable, and the diverse (specie rich) populations which are far less productive, but highly resilient. 

Consciousness, as the distinguishing, additional ability of the human system, so far does not seem to contribute much to its resilience. The current societal situation nevertheless requires new (moral) frameworks in order to enhance societal resilience. Based on value orientationa, derived from philosophy, culture, history and social surveys suggestions for such new, moral frameworks will be discussed.

The IBED seminar will take place online via Zoom.