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Spatial and temporal scales of terrestrial processes and patterns

Current landscape patterns have been evolving over long time spans, and have been influenced by humans for millennia.

Cultivated palm

We aim at unravelling landscape and ecosystem development and dynamics, focusing on the interaction between biotic, abiotic and human induced processes over a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. Our approaches include the reconstruction of past environments using molecular and palaeoecological evidence, and also scaling mechanisms, such as the up-scaling of fine-scale processes that lead to emergent patterns in ecosystems on broader spatial scales.

  • What was the effect of the arrival of humans into landscapes?
  • How resilient are ecosystems to abrupt climatic and anthropogenic change?
  • How can geo-ecological processes be rescaled so that new patterns and processes become evident?
  • How do landscape, ecosystem, and biodiversity patterns develop and change across space and through time?