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Biogeochemistry is the study of element cycles and their interactions with ecosystems, with a focus on molecular scale processes. Within ELD we focus on the carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous cycles.

We are particularly interested in applied aspects of biogeochemical cycles such as soil fertility, geo-engineering, fate of environmental pollutants, nature management and restoration as well as their interactions with climate change. The people involved with biogeochemistry research in ELD are:

dr. L.H. (Erik) Cammeraat

Associate Professor Geomorphology

dr. B. (Boris) Jansen

Associate Professor Soil Chemistry

dr. A.M. (Annemieke) Kooijman

Assistant Professor Landscape Ecology

dr. W.E. (Elly) Morriën

VENI post-doctoral researcher

dr. J.R. (John) Parsons

Assistant Professor Environmental Chemistry

dr. A. (Albert) Tietema

Associate Professor Biogeochemistry