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Biogeochemistry is the study of element cycles and their interactions with ecosystems, with a focus on molecular scale processes. Within ELD we focus on the carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous cycles.

ELD - biogeochemistry

We are particularly interested in applied aspects of biogeochemical cycles such as soil fertility, geo-engineering, fate of environmental pollutants, nature management and restoration as well as their interactions with climate change. The people involved with biogeochemistry research in ELD are:

Dr. L.H. (Erik) Cammeraat

Associate Professor Geomorphology

Dr. B. (Boris) Jansen

Associate Professor Soil Chemistry

Dr. A.M. (Annemieke) Kooijman

Assistant Professor Landscape Ecology

Dr. W.E. (Elly) Morriën

VENI post-doctoral researcher

Dr. J.R. (John) Parsons

Assistant Professor Environmental Chemistry

Dr. A. (Albert) Tietema

Associate Professor Biogeochemistry