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Current literature reviews

To get an impression of the complete array of literature reviews currently running at the Fame department see below:

  • Comparative genomics of stress caused by endocrine disruptors in vertebrates and invertebrates (Becker, E.). Supervision: M. Kraak, T. Roelofs
  • Impact of mining-induced increased turbidity on deep-sea ecosystems (Blonk, B). Supervision: J. Goeij, H. de Stigter
  • Cyanobacterial akinetes: triggers for formation and germination (Cuijpers, J.). Supervision: P. Visser, T. Piel, J. Verspagen
  • Opportunities of stable isotopes to reveal impact of environmental stress on aquatic food web structure (Erich, M.). Supervision: M. Kraak, G. vd Lee, A. Vonk
  • Using functional traits to understand the effect of environmental conditions on freshwater fish in a shallow temperate lake – Markermeer (vd Veen, C.). Supervision: M. Kraak, R. Kroes, H. vd Geest