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Alumni of IBED

The alumni of IBED are scattered across the globe and we would like to keep in touch with you.

IBED's LinkedIn group

Join the professional group of IBED in LinkedIn. This closed group aims to be a forum for all IBED's alumni, staff members, master students and all our former colleagues. Participants are free to e.g. post job openings and share internship possibilities to further advance the careers of our present master and PhD students.

IBED on LinkedIn

Alumni associations

Alumni associations affiliated to IBED's educational programmes are actively involved in keeping in touch with to our alumni. They organise activities, convene yearly and some provide educational programmes to keep you up to date with the latest developments in your scientific field.

Lulofs (Earth Sciences)

Lulofs, named after the Dutch geographer Johan Lulofs (1711-1768), is the alumni association for Physical Geographers and Earth Scientists that have graduated from the University of Amsterdam. The goal of this organisation is to form a professional, but also accessible networking platform. The association organises seminars as well as get-togethers, to promote the exchange of knowledge between young and old. By participating in this network, alumni will receive the latest earth sciences information related to events, news and fellow graduates through their online newsletter. (Note that this information will only be communicated in Dutch). If you are a Physical Geography or Earth Sciences graduate, please send the board a message through, or take a look at their website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

Lulofs website

Lulofs on Facebook

Twitter feed of Lulofs

Lulofs LinkedIn group