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Results: 161 - 180 of 384
Results: 161 - 180 of 384
  • 15 Oct 2015
    Griffon vultures measure the weather

    Data generated by GPS tracking devices used in the University of Amsterdam (UvA) Bird Tracking System (UvA-BiTS) to study bird behaviour have such a high level of accuracy that they can be used to deduce weather ...

  • 1 Oct 2015
    Coral’s Delayed Reaction to Devastating Effects of an Oil Spill

    Oil spills prevent larvae of Caribbean corals from attaching to the reef bottom well after spills are cleaned up

  • 18 Aug 2015
    Smart Monitoring grant for Piet Verdonschot and Michiel Kraak

    Piet Verdonschot and Michiel Kraak (UvA-IBED) received a grant of €320.000 from the Dutch water boards, united in the STOWA (Foundation for Applied Water Research). The to-be appointed PhD student will focus on the ...

  • 11 Aug 2015
    Jasper de Goeij on BNR Radio

    On Thursday August 13, BNR Radio will broadcast an interview of Jasper de Goeij

  • 1 Aug 2015
    Marc Davidson appointed Endowed Chair at the University of Maastricht

    Marc Davidson has been appointed, per 1 August 2015, Endowed Chair of Philosophy of sustainable development from a humanistic perspective at the International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable ...

  • 1 Jul 2015
    NWO open competition grant for Daniel Kissling

    W. Daniel Kissling (UvA-IBED) received a €230,000 grant from the open competition programme of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), which will be used to fund a 3-year postdoc position. The ...

  • 5 Jun 2015
    Abrupt cooling in Europe

    A new reconstruction of past climate change shows that a warm climate in northern Europe can be hit by a sudden cooling associated with an interruption of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation. An international team ...

  • 4 Jun 2015
    Wastewater analysis – New data multi-city study on drug wastewater analysis released

    New findings of the largest European study on illicit drugs in wastewater analysis will be published today by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in Lisbon as part of the EMCDDA ...

  • 27 May 2015
    Butterflies in sharp decline

    The diversity of butterflies has changed since 1900. A new study now provides the first inventory underlining the decline of butterflies in Denmark. It shows that twelve species (10% of Danish butterfly species) have ...

  • 25 May 2015
    Nature prefers chaos on the rocks

    Plants and animals in natural ecosystems do not always settle at a stable equilibrium. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam present the first field evidence for chaos among multiple interacting species, based ...

  • 29 Mar 2015
    Heathlands more susceptible to climate change due to landscape management

    Dutch heathlands are a typical ‘cultural landscape’ that cannot exist without landscape management. A new study by a European science team, which included Dr Albert Tietema of the University of Amsterdam, shows how ...

  • 20 Mar 2015
    Marie Curie Fellowships awarded to thirteen UvA researchers

    A Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship has been awarded to thirteen researchers for research projects at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The projects will focus, among other things, on sexual communication between ...

  • 19 Mar 2015
    Rare glimpse into how coral procreates could aid future conservation

    A rare and threatened Caribbean coral species has for the first time been successfully bred and raised in the lab, according to research conducted by researchers of the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem ...

  • 9 Mar 2015
    Neither more food nor better food – still fish biomass increases

    To increase the biomass of fish, contemporary ecological theory predicts that either the amount of food or the quality of the food has to increase. In a recent publication in Nature Communications researchers of Umeå ...

  • 27 Jan 2015
    Bednets and malaria vaccines not always good combination in fight against malaria

    The use of malaria vaccines combined with a bednet can be counter-productive in some cases and can even exacerbate the problem. This follows research carried out by an international team led by Yael Artzy-Randrup ...

  • 22 Jan 2015
    Why are tropical rainforests so diverse?

    Tropical rainforests have the largest number of species on Earth and an astonishing variation of life forms, such as climbing palms. A new study led by Daniel Kissling of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem ...

  • 19 Jan 2015
    Chasing sea butterflies in one of the World’s largest oceans

    Two months ago Alice Burridge, PhD candidate at Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics and the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre Leiden, joined an international oceanographic expedition across the Atlantic ...

  • 12 Jan 2015
    Orangutan produces human-like sounds

    Orangutans have the ability to produce vowel and consonant-like sounds similar to those of human speech. This is the finding of new research conducted by an international team of scientists, among them researchers ...

  • 9 Jan 2015
    In Memoriam Maurice Sabelis (1950-2015)

    Maurice Sabelis passed away on Wednesday, 7 January 2015, after an illness of two years, during which he remained scientifically active until the last moment.

  • 19 Dec 2014
    NWO and water companies will study environmental risks during shale gas extraction

    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), together with KWR Watercycle Research Institute, have started a four-year research programme focussing on the environmental risks for water systems during ...