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Research clusters & priorities

IBED participates in several Faculty Research Clusters and University Priority Programs.

Research Cluster Global Ecology

IBED leads the Research Cluster Global Ecology of the Faculty of Science, focussing on the questions:

  • What is the role of biodiversity for the functioning of ecosystems?
  • How do natural or human-induced disturbances of a given ecosystem affect the complex network of interactions between species, soils and the cycling of water, carbon and nutrients?
  • What are the consequences of such changes for ecosystem resilience, biodiversity, ecosystem services and carbon and nutrient cycles at a global scale?

Research Cluster Green Life Sciences

Also together with SILS, IBED forms the Research Cluster Green Life Sciences of the Faculty of Science, focussing on the questions:

  • How do plants and pests and pathogens perceive, integrate and process stress signals?
  • How do physiological and genetic alterations translate into changes of the interaction between these organisms in green ecosystems?
  • How do plant and pest and pathogens genomes (co-)evolve as a result of environmental changes?

University Priority Program Systems Biology

In cooperation with its sister research institute SILS, IBED participates in the University Priority Program of Systems Biology, focussing on the key question how cells and organisms operate upon interaction with their external environment.