Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics


Research Facilities Ecosystem and Landscape Dynamics

  • equipment for modern ecological and sedimentary field survey and sample collection
  • soil, water and environmental chemistry laboratories (cations, anions, organic matter content, etc.)
  • soil erosion laboratory
  • GC systems with different pre-treatments (e.g. on-line or off-line derivatization, pyrolysis) and different detectors (e.g. MS, ECD, FID)
  • HPLC systems, including HPLC-MS/MS
  • isotopic facilities in the form of a GC/IRMS system.
  • laboratory facilities for the storage, processing and analysis of modern and fossil material
  • reference archives from across the globe (specialising in South American tropics and Europe)


Method specific details of the facilities can be found via the dedicated links below:

Richard van Heck at the GC/IRMS laboratory of IBED

The new GC/IRMS equipment

Other research facilities

Members of the ELD department also have access to the other excellent research facilities of IBED, including:

  • facilities for aquatic research
  • greenhouses and growth chambers
  • extensive computational facilities
Will Gosling



The ELD department is happy to make its equipment and facilities available to academic colleagues and commercial organisations. The cost for the use of equipment and facilities is negotiable and dependent on availability.

Please get in touch if you would like to utilise any of our resources.

  • Dr W.D. (William) Gosling

    Associate Professor

    Head of ELD Department
    T: 0205257821
    T: 020-525 7821

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25 July 2017