Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Evolutionary & Population Biology (IBED-EPB)

The research department of Evolutionary and Population Biology (EPB) performs research on experimental and applied ecology and evolution and focuses on understanding the fundamental ecological and evolutionary processes and mechanisms that link individuals, populations and communities of microorganisms, plants, and animals that ultimately drive community dynamics and speciation and determine biodiversity patterns.


We aim to understand ecological and evolutionary processes that determine persistence of populations, species and ecosystems. This knowledge is paramount for predicting the consequences of human impact on nature. In doing so, we combine fundamental and applied research on ecosystem services and natural ecosystems, dynamics and evolution of endangered and invasive species, evolution in the face of climate change, and sustainable crop protection.

We aim to contribute to a sustainable future and we therefore encourage students to study the fundamental ecological and evolutionary processes that underpin the development of sustainable agriculture, the evolution of resistance, nature conservation and ecological risk assessments. 

On these webpages, you will find information about our activities:

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7 March 2018