Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Coral Reef Ecology

This research theme focuses on the community dynamics and ecosystem functioning of shallow and deep-sea reef ecosystems, including relations with their physical and chemical environment.

Key questions are:

  • How do key ecosystem engineers such as corals, algae, seagrasses and sponges structure the communities and biogeochemical processes of reef ecosystems?
  • What is the functional role of microbial communities, including viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes, in coral reef ecosystems?
  • How do pelagic and benthic organisms interact to drive the productivity and biodiversity of shallow and deep-sea reef ecosystems in a changing ocean?

Using a combination of field studies, in situ and ex situ experimental approaches, this theme will provide keys for scientists and policy makers in how coral reef ecosystems function and how these precious ecosystems may change in the future in response to climate change and coastal management.

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Published by  IBED

1 May 2017