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MicrobeX - The Genesis of a Science Center devoted to Microorganisms

Event details of IBED Seminar by Prof. Heribert Insam
28 September 2023
Science Park 904


Prof. Heribert Insam (University of Innsbruck) 


In many European countries public acceptance of science is poor, Science Centers could help to improve the situation. MicrobeX is an attempt to make people aware how our everyday lives are connected to microorganisms. Twentyfour/seven we are enjoying the products and services of microorganisms, but commonly people are not aware of that. MicrobeX shall visualize and explain microorganisms, ranging from archaea and bacteria to fungi and microalgae. MicrobeX will also show how microbes are making soils fertile, how they purify wastewaters and how they produce bioenergy, apart from producing delicious foods. Despite all these microorganisms are so close to our lives, they remain invisible for most people. We will make microbes accessible in a way that will render astronomy a boring science. This journey, by the way, started in Amsterdam!