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The Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics is there to promote scientific cohesion within the Institute and advice the Management Board on scientific strategy.

The SAC consists of one representative from each of the four research departments. Each member has a shadow member who reads all agendas and emails, and sits in on meetings if the core member cannot attend. If an agenda topic requires significant commitment, the SAC forms an ad hoc committee of select members of staff that are interested to contribute to the topic.

The SAC meets twice every month; once a month the scientific director of IBED joins to ensure clear communication between the SAC and the IBED Management Board.

Committee members

Dr. J.M.H. (Jolanda) Verspagen

Chair - FAME representative

Dr A.R.M. (Arne) Janssen

EPB representative

Dr. C.N.H. (Crystal) McMichael

ELD representative

Prof. dr. A.M. (André) de Roos

TCE representative

Prof. dr. A.P. (Annemarie) van Wezel

Scientific Director

Dr. J.G.B. (Gerard) Oostermeijer

Shadow member EPB

Dr. A. (Albert) Tietema

Shadow member ELD

Prof. dr. G. (Gerard) Muijzer

Shadow member FAME

Dr. rer. nat. W.D. (Daniel) Kissling

Shadow member TCE