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Fieldwork is in an important part of the research that is performed by IBED. IBED has the following fieldwork facilities:
Bird tracking devices

UvA-BiTS is a state-of-the-art Bird Tracking System created by researchers at IBED to study bird migration, navigation, and foraging strategies on land and at sea. The system includes a solar-powered, light-weight GPS tracker, a tri-axial accelerometer and two-way data communication to a ground station network.

NIEBA ARISE monitoring sites

The ARISE project aims to provide an organized overview of all multicellular species in the Netherlands and the infrastructure needed to semi-automatically identify them, including cameras, acoustic recorders and radars deployed at multiple monitoring demonstration sites.

Field equipment

IBED owns a wide variety of state-of-the-art fieldwork equipment used for field studies on land or in the aquatic environment including drones, handheld laser scanners, multi-parameter sensors and spectro-radiometers.

Research Vessel RV Dreissena

IBED’s research vessel, the R.V. Dreissena, is specially built for fieldwork programs on Markermeer lake. The ship has been used since 2017 for a wide range of research projects. The well-equipped research ship enables us to take samples and conduct measurements in Markermeer all year round.

Bird tracking radars

Our research uses bird tracking radars to monitor, understand and predict bird movement. IBED has placed a bird tracking radar within the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam to show the public how automated sensors can be used for ecological research and monitoring and to study how birds move and migrate in urban settings.